Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zoo Field Trip: Homeschool style

Occasionally, I have moments of genius. I had one such moment around Christmas time when it occurred to me to ask for season passes to some of our favorite places. Thanks to family, we now have season passes to both zoos in our area and season passes to the local water park (perfect for this summer). Season passes are the perfect gift for families, especially for those of us that homeschool. Can you say, "field trip!"

Texas has recently blessed us with some fantastic weather. Just gorgeous. On Friday I told the boys that we had some errands to run (cue the groaning from them) but then I'm surprised them by taking them to the zoo instead. I'm so sneaky! They were so excited.

I love homeschool.

Most pictures will be the back of their heads...that's just how it goes at the zoo.

The giraffes are my personal favorite. The boys love the show Wild Kratts on PBS (I kinda love it too). We learned that giraffes are the most vulnerable to being attacked (in the wild...not at the zoo) when they are bending down to get a drink of water. They have to really spread out their legs in order to reach the water and it takes them a second to get upright again. The boys loved seeing this in person. 

Back of their heads....

Ah! The front of their cute faces!

As you can see the zoo was incredibly crowded. Seriously though, we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves. I love homeschool. 

My little bird lover. 

I kept waiting for this dove to peck Caleb's fingers. It didn't.

Even Benjamin did a little bird admiring. 

This was Caleb's face pretty much every time he saw a bird. The child loves birds. His enthusiasm is contagious.

My map reader. Mark my words, this kid will be an architect or engineer. I'd bet money.

See how terribly crowded it is? 

Still reading the map.

Caleb admiring the scarlet ibis. He was in awe of these colorful birds.

He's done.

 Gorgeous weather + Zoo all to ourselves = A great time

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