Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fun at MeMe's

We headed to MeMe's over the long weekend. We were overdue for a visit since we haven't been since Christmas. The boys love it there. MeMe has a huge backyard with a tank. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate most of the weekend. We had storms off and on but managed to catch a few moments of clear weather.

MeMe has a huge wind chime that Benjamin just couldn't resist. He had to give it a good shake at every opportunity.

I'm getting this look from him a lot lately. I'm not sure what it is. It's like a smile and a smirk mixed together. Notice his hair isn't spiky. So he's decided he wants to "grow it out". I don't know what that means exactly and I have no idea what to do with his hair in the meantime. 

A little bow and arrow shootin'.

After some heavy rain, we headed down the street to the storm drain to watch the water flow.

The boys had a blast racing leaves down the rushing water.

 After watching a small curbside waterfall...we decided to check out a BIG waterfall.
Crazy fast water just rushing over the dam. We have had so much rain recently. Benjamin tried to throw rocks into the water. This is as close as I would let him get.

Daddy and Caleb headed to the top to see the dam from up high.

I don't often take photos of food but I just had to for this. What is "this" you ask. This is a funnel cake sundae! Yummy funnel cake smothered in ice cream and sauces. Yum ya'll. 

Both boys were quite smitten with MeMe's cat. Benjamin pretty much followed this cat around everywhere. 

Caleb got a cap gun at the Dollar Store. This is a boy that hates loud noises and these cap guns are loud! I guess he was cool with it since he was in control of the noise. He had a blast.

My boys.

Free range Benjamin. He likes having room to roam....and run.

A little fun over the water.

My little tree climber. 

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