Monday, June 29, 2015

Super Summer: Week Four

Make Something Monday:

The boys love the new show "Battlebots". It airs on Sunday nights so first thing Monday morning...these boys were building Battlebots out of Legos.

Caleb get his idea on paper before he started building. 

Caleb's Battlebot.

Benjamin's Battlebot.

Take a trip Tuesday:

We headed to a local adaptive sports clinic.

There were different events for the kids to try. This was an obstacle course.

Benjamin had a blast playing basketball.

Wet 'n Wild Wednesday:

I took the boys to Hawaiian myself. Eeek! 

We stayed in the wave pool and no one drowned!

That's Easy Thursday:

After a busy weekend and first part of the week, we truly had an easy Thursday. It was a "work on your own project" kind of day. I had several things I needed to work on for my Etsy shop and the boys came up with their own projects.

Benjamin made a bed for his owl out of felt and cotton balls.

Caleb spent quite a bit of time going through his basketball book and creating a chart of players, the number of years they played, and the team(s) they played for. He worked really hard on this.

Family Fun Friday:

We headed to a frozen yogurt shop after dinner for a special sweet treat.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Wheelchair Costume kits on Etsy

A few months ago I mentioned that I was starting a small business making wheelchair costume kits.

It has definitely been a process and I have spent hours and hours on this. After much trial and error, feedback from friends, and a few hot glue gun burns....I finally have my Etsy shop open. As of right now I have 5 different costume kits available for sale. I'm working on a few more right now and hope to have at least 10 costumes available. 

A little peek at what I have available now. 

You can check out my shop:

I have had so much fun creating these kits and I have enjoyed coming up with new ideas. Even if I only sell a handful, I'll be happy. 

Super Summer: Week Three

A look at what we did last week:

Make Something Monday:

The boys made Father's Day gifts for Glenn. They each filled out a questionnaire.

I loved hearing their answers. It's funny how they each think "dad likes to play" the things THEY like to play. They both were way off on his weight. So cute.

We gave Glenn a new drinking cup filled with candy and Caleb painted a picture frame.

Tasty Tuesday:

We went lemon crazy and made fresh lemonade and lemon bars.

It's hard work squeezing about 15 lemons!

They colored a banner from our Raddish Kids box...

...and used it to make an indoor lemonade stand. They even charged dad .25 cents for a cup!

Wet 'n Wild Wednesday:

I had planned to take them to the water park but Tropical Storm Bill made a for a rainy day so we had to improvise.

They played indoor mini ice hockey. It's basically just a big tub of ice with a small puck made of ice. The boys thought this was pretty cool (literally) for about 15 minutes. 

That's Easy Thursday:

Watch Dolphin Tale 2

Field Trip Friday: 

The boys really wanted to go bowling again.

Crazy kids.

They hit the ticket jackpot at the bowling alley arcade. Basically we were in the right place at the right time. We walked past a game that was just rolling out tickets even though no one was playing. We just watched all these tickets pour out and then I took them to the front to turn them in since we didn't actually earn the tickets by playing the game. The lady at the ticket desk told the boys to keep them. They were so excited. $1000 tickets!

We did make it to the water park on Saturday. The water was freezing and their was no sunshine so it was miserable for Glenn and I. The boys didn't care about the frigid water even though they were turning purple.

We had to make them come out to warm up occasionally. 

The water park was practically empty. I guess smart folks don't want to swim in frigid waters on a cloudy day. 

"Bubba, your lips are purple."

I have no proof that Benjamin actually said that to Caleb, it just seemed like an appropriate caption.

My boys on Father's Day.
I'm blessed.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Super Summer: Week Two

Our Super Summer is what we did last week.

Make Something Monday:

We started working on our homeschool yearbook for this past year. We are making a photo book that highlights some of the fun things we did over the school year. This will likely take some time to finish but at least we got started.

Tasty Tuesday:

I heard about Raddish Kids at a homeschool conference a few months ago. Raddish Kids is a monthly subscription club that centers around cooking with kids. Each monthly box has 3 recipes, skill cards, fun activities, and an iron-on patch for your Raddish Kids apron. Each monthly box centers around a theme of some kind. I loved the idea and thought the product was really cute and very well put together. I decided to give it a try over the summer. 

So far we've made 2 different recipes. The boys have really enjoyed it and they seem to be more likely to eat something that they helped to prepare. For Tasty Tuesday, the boys made Superhero Scrambles. 

I don't have a lot of pictures because I had to supervise the cutting and grating. I didn't want anyone to lose a finger just because I was taking photos. 

Wet 'n Wild Wednesday:

Slip 'n Slide time! The boys LOVE the slip 'n slide. Best $12 ever spent. 

Benjamin is getting some ammunition.... he can squirt his brother.

Give this kid a 1/2 inch of water and he will put on his goggles for some underwater exploration.

Love. Love. Love this photo. And this boy.

Unfortunately, the slip 'n slide called it quits after about 45 minutes. The seams burst. It did last for 3 summers so I can't really complain. I guess we need to buy another one.

That's Easy Thursday:

We just packed a picnic lunch and headed down the street to the nature park.

I love Benjamin's hand on Caleb's shoulder. So sweet....or maybe he was thinking about pushing Caleb into the water. The latter is more likely. 

Looking for poison ivy. Leaves of three, let it be.

They left me in the dust. 

Field Trip Friday:

We met a couple of friends, Bryce and Kohen, at the bowling alley.

I love that Benjamin is the odd-man-out in this group. He's the only one without a chair....and glasses! The boys had a blast bowling. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Service Dog Update: Waiting list

Our mail box delivered some good news today....

....when "Congratulations" is the first word you read, you know it's good news. 

Caleb's name is officially on the waiting list for a skilled companion dog through Canine Companions for Independence! So now we wait. There is no way to know for sure how long it will take before Caleb gets a dog but it is definitely in our favor that CCI is currently building a new facility here in Texas. We know Caleb will be getting a dog....we just don't know when. I'm just so excited to get the approval!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Super Summer: Week One

Our Super Summer is off to a great start. Here are the things we did this week.

Make Something Monday: Make "My Summer" books using composition books and scrapbook paper. The boys used the paper to decorate the front of their book.

Caleb's book on the left, Benjamin's on the right. 

They will use these book like a summer journal, writing about the different things we do this summer. In a perfect world the boys would write in these books daily....but I'll be happy if we do it 3 times a week. I'm realistic. 

Take A Trip Tuesday: Zoo with Gammy and Aunt Rachel.

My monkeys. 

Touching an armadillo.

Cooling off at the misters. 

Wet 'n Wild Wednesday: Water beads

I saw these at a homeschool convention a few months ago. I thought they were so cool.

The beads start off teeny tiny, like the size of a pin head. You soak them in water for several hours and they expand to about the size of a marble. 

They kinda feel like eyeballs but in a good way. They feel wet....but they aren't wet. They are squishy and super fun. The boys loved them. I stored them in a big container with a lid, hopefully they will last for a good while. 

That's Easy Thursday: Watch the NBA finals

Super easy activity right? Game 1 of the finals came on Thursday night so we let the boys stay up late to watch. Caleb loves basketball and he has been so excited about the finals starting. He made a score card so he could keep track of the games. 

Family Friday: Watch a movie

We just cuddled up on the couch and watch Rio 2. Sorry, no picture of that. Proof that I really don't take pictures of EVERYTHING. 

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