Saturday, December 05, 2015

ADVENTures Days 1-5

December is here! That means it is time to dust off our Advent box and start counting down the days until Christmas. We don't do Santa so I have found other ways to make this time of year memorable and special for our family. The boys love the Advent box and there is much excitement every morning as they open the door to see what is planned for that day. Sometimes that excitement turns into fighting over who gets to open the box.

Day 1: Decorate the tree!

December 1st is always the day we get out the tree and start decorating the house.

Table decorations

We got a new tree this year. This one has multi-colored lights and white lights. I am not a fan of colored lights but the boys love them. When they go to bed...

I turn on the white lights. Best of both worlds.

Day 2: Decorate your little tree! 

When we were shopping for a new Christmas tree, the boys wanted us to buy an all white tree. Um, no. Not happening. So when I saw this little white tree for only $5 I had to get it so they could have their very own white tree. They had a blast decorating it just the way they wanted.

Caleb had an orthopedic appointment that morning and we had to take a couple of pictures in front of the trees at the hospital. The boys humored me.

This day started off so great. The boys got to decorate their little white tree. We had a good appointment at the orthopedic surgeon. Everything was just fine....until...

....Benjamin climbed on my dresser, fell off my dresser, and broke both bones in his forearm. Yes, both bones. As a parent, I have seen a lot. We have been through some really difficult things with Caleb, including a rather horrifying ER experience when he was 2. I thought I could handle just about anything at this point. Well, I learned this week that I can not handle broken bones. When Benjamin fell and I saw his arm bent in a place that it shouldn't be....I lost it. I pretty much freaked out and just stood there screaming. Thankfully, Glenn sprung into action, scooped Benjamin up, and took him to the ER. It was a rough night for Benjamin. The ER tried twice to get his bones back in place, causing my sweet boy pain, and they still couldn't get the bones right. We had to follow up with an orthopedist and Benjamin had to be sedated so they could get those bones in the right place.

He picked a cool green cast.

It was a rough few days for my baby. He has been a trooper though and is doing much better now. 

Day 3: Make Slime!

This is always a hit with the boys. 

I bought the blue glitter glue. It gives the slime a really neat look. We just use the basic slime recipe using borax (you can google it to get the recipe, it is super easy).

Even a broken arm couldn't stop this kid from making some slime!

Day 4: Make Canvas Snowflake Art!

This activity was more for me than the kids. I wanted something for the mantel above our fireplace and this looked like the perfect thing.

All you need is a blank canvas, painters tape, and paint. 

Make a snowflake out of the tape.

Paint over it. Let the paint dry and remove the tape.

Ta-Da! So cute, right? I made a grey one and a red one. I love how they came out.

Day 5: Hometown Holidays Parade!

We took the boys to the local holiday parade today. I wasn't sure if Benjamin would feel up to it but he hasn't had any pain and was excited to go to the parade.

Our ADVENTures are off to a great start (minus the broken bones)! Stay tuned for more fun. 

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