Friday, January 29, 2016

CCI Service Dog Update...really good news!

We started the process of applying for a Skilled Companion Dog through Canine Companions for Independence a year ago. We went through the multi-step application process and found out over the summer that Caleb was indeed approved for a dog. At that point Caleb's name went on a waiting list and we started waiting. The typical wait time is about 2 years but we knew it would be less for us since CCI just built a new training facility in Texas.

Yesterday I got a very unexpected call from CCI letting me know of a very unique opportunity. They have a dog that they believe is perfect for Caleb and is ready to be placed immediately. Yay! The situation is unique because we get to bypass the usual intensive 2 week training that is scheduled for May. Caleb and I get to do our training in 3-4 days because we will have one-on-one training with the team. We will begin our fast-track training on February 22nd. This time next month we will officially have new member in our family. I don't know much about the dog except it is a female black lab. We are so excited to meet her. 

This kid was pretty excited when I told him. Fist pump for excitement.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

State Capital visit and B-ball tournament

Caleb had a wheelchair basketball tournament in San Antonio this past weekend and we made a quick stop in Austin to see the State Capitol Building on the way.

This tree was really cool. The branches have grown toward the ground.

Benjamin running off some of that energy. 

The Rotunda inside the building. The boys loved this. It is a sight to see. I remember visiting the capital when I was a little girl and looking up and being amazed.

We also got to see the House and Senate chambers.

Visiting the Capitol Building was a fun pit-stop on our way to San Antonio.

 Best part of staying in hotels....the yummy cinnamon rolls!

The team.

The tournament was at Morgan's Wonderland (an amusement park designed for those with special needs). Unfortunately the park wasn't open but the kids were able to enjoy the playground in between games. 

He is looking so grown up lately. I swear he has grown about 3 inches and he just looks more mature.

Caleb's team did a fantastic job. They played 3 games and won all of them. 1st place baby!

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