Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Benik Vest for Trunk Support

I thought I would share something we use with Caleb to help him sit up straight. He has a tendency to sit back on his tail bone and we needed something that would offer him a little bit of support but not too much.

This is a Benik vest. It is made of neoprene and is completely soft and flexible. It has multiple velcro strips on the back to allow you to adjust the amount of support or even make one side tighter than the other if your child tends to lean to one side. It has a zipper up the front and 2 velcro strips that can go between the legs to keep the vest in place.

Caleb has had this vest for a few months now and we use it in the mornings while we do school. It really has helped him to sit up straight. I like the vest because it does just enough to offer a little bit of feedback and support but it doesn't do too much making it so Caleb doesn't have to work at all. It helps...but doesn't help too much.

I thought this little bit of information might be useful to some of my readers :).

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