Thursday, February 25, 2016

Meet Hallow

Get ready for some major cuteness, sweetness, and adorableness. 

Caleb and Hallow meeting for the first time.

She was born on Halloween 2013, that's how she got her name. You say it like the "Hallow" in Halloween.

I really have no words for how amazing this dog is. I knew Canine Companions for Independence trained these dogs well but I was truly blown away by Hallow. Really I was blown away by all of the staff and trainers. We did training Monday through Thursday of this week. It was a fast paced week with a lot of information thrown at me. I think I went to bed at 9:30 every night this week because I was just so exhausted! It really was a training for me because this dog already knows how to do a ton of things. I learned so much about Hallow, about how to be a good leader, and how to handle her. I wrapped up my training today by taking the public access test which certifies me to take Hallow out in public places. We are officially trained.

Caleb had the easy job this week during training. While I was sitting through lectures, he was cuddling with Hallow.

That face. Stop it.

He's quite smitten with her. We all are really. 

I think she is pretty comfortable in her new home.

She is just so sweet and smart. I'll share some of the things she can do on the blog soon. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce everyone to Hallow.

I did set up her own Instagram @hallow.cci 
I'll be using that as a way to share videos and photos of her. It seemed like the best way to connect with other Canine Companions and allow her puppy raiser to keep track of her and how she is blessing us. 


Kendall said...

I'm so happy for you're family! I can't wait for the post about about all the neat things Hallow can do. Can you post videos too? I loved your FreeWheel Attachment post too. You should do more equipment descriptions. It's so helpful.

Nicky said...

Oh my god, she's so cute!!! Now I really can't wait for meeting my new friend and helper too (should be soon)!

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