Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our "Summer"

We took six weeks off from school for our summer. Here are a few snapshots of our summer moments.

We did some art tutorials on ArtForKidsHub (super fun site, highly recommend).

We finally got around to doing some Tinker Crate activities that I had from months ago. 

We made a simple robot that could color on paper. It was actually pretty cool. You can see that Hallow is mesmerized as well.

We built huge towers out of cups.

We signed up for Kids Bowl Free and went bowling several times.

We celebrated Father's Day.

We went swimming.

Hallow went swimming.

She loved the water but was content to stay on the step.

We played Minecraft...a lot. Too much.

We spotted Caleb's photo on a poster while at Cook Children's.

We went to Hawaiian Falls. Despite the sassy face, Benjamin was excited to go swimming.

We celebrated the 4th of July.

Arcade fun after bowling.

More arcade fun after bowling.

We took a somewhat sudden and unexpected trip to Galveston to see a specialist for Caleb. More on that to come. We did a little sight-seeing while we were there.

Hallow enjoyed the hotel accommodations.

My boys...and my girl

More sight seeing.

Hotel pool fun.

There were Muscovy ducks in front of our hotel. Caleb was in bird-lovin' heaven.

While we didn't have time to swim in the ocean we managed to sneak a quick peek.

Hallow needed a quick beach nap.

We enjoyed hotdogs after swimming.

This was the first year I tried more of a year round schedule for our homeschool and I liked it....except I think the six weeks off for "summer" was still too long. Because we took a longer break I felt like I still needed to squeeze in some school by having them do math, reading, and writing. Even though those things only took a small amount of time, it still felt like we were doing school. I think I like taking smaller, more frequent breaks and making them true breaks. Live and learn. That's one of the many reasons I love homeschooling. We start another year tomorrow!

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