Thursday, October 27, 2016

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Cannon


I have been asked to introduce you to my grandson, Cannon. Usually, when I meet someone new or come across an old acquaintance and they ask me about him--I share a video with them. It was professionally done by their local television station when Cannon was a Hendrick Children's Hospital Miracle Kid 2014. It shows his story and shows a mother's love. Click on the link and his video is the third one down.

He seems so little; that was just two years ago. He is growing long fast. He is approaching his 8th birthday and in the second grade. He is an Astros and Rangers fan. Baseball seems to be his favorite. Not much into the Cowboys and Texans, but he loves his Clyde Bulldogs on a Friday night. He likes his Netflix, YouTube, some TV and a few games on his tablet. We traveled through four states with he and his sister this summer and I can't remember how many times we had to explain "you have to have wifi". That said - he would much rather be outside doing something sports related. If he is having trouble participating, he expects you to play, perform, and keep the game going anyway. We traveled to see him play Challenger Division last spring and got rained out. Before the day was over he convinced me to go check the field to see if they were telling the truth. He convinced me to break into the field and we played our own game with an invisible bat, balls and imaginary fielders. During the summer months he would live in the water if he could.

He likes country music and hopes to play his guitar one day. His favorite artist is Aaron Watson, has "played fiddle" on stage in a couple of AW's concerts and jammed with him one on one.

As his mom, Ali, said in the video - he has always been good with his speech and language. We wonder what is going on in his brain and he amazes us with some of the things that comes out of his mouth As he gets older, sometimes it gets him in trouble. He has inherited Grandad's quick wit and sarcasm. He has a tender heart, is sympathetic beyond his years and communicates it well. He has an infectious smile and a belly laugh that will bring you to tears.

As he continues to grow and I continue to age, I know the day is coming when I won't be able to carry him. I am not ready for that to happen. It looks like we need to make that hike to the top of OLD BALDY at Garner State Park a priority next summer.

I love you Cannon. I love the way you say "luvugrandad". Don't tell your sister and your cousins that you have my heart. --Grandad

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