Friday, October 07, 2016

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Charis


Charis is a compassionate and tenderhearted young lady. She loves animals and she works extremely well helping other children who have special needs. As our oldest child, twelve year old Charis has initiated us both to parenthood and Spina Bifida. She loved caring for her three younger siblings when they were babies and now they do a great job of watching out for her as well. She is active in church activities and Girl Scouts. Charis enjoys anything American Girl, watching movies involving horses, TV shows that relate to medicine or crime investigation, playing with babies and toddlers, shopping, coloring, and listening to music.

Charis wishes she could wear cutesy, fancy, heeled shoes, sandals, and flip flops. She also wishes she didn't have to deal with bowel/bladder issues. As a parent, I would love to heal her brain so she could fully function on her grade level rather than having a mind that functions about five years younger than her age. Despite these wishes, we are thankful we have Charis and all that she contributes to the beautiful uniqueness of our family. We look forward to helping Charis grow and mature into the beautiful, thoughtful, caring young lady we envision her becoming. Charis has hopes of becoming a nurse and we envision her using her skills to help other children with special needs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful young lady and what an inspiration to so many !!!!
I'm sure she is a blessing to her parents and siblings.
(Good job, mom & dad)

Debi (from Shawnee)

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