Sunday, October 09, 2016

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Damon

Age: 2.5

Word that describes him: Charismatic

What I wish I had known before having a child with SB: It would change my perspective on life in such a positive way...he's medically complex yet so cheerful, resilient, and outgoing... he's taught me to live life to the fullest no matter the circumstances and to overcome and conquer adversity with a smile and real heart.

What I want other to know: We like Questions! We like informing and advocating! It's okay for you and your children to ask question. He may be physically different but our similarities outweigh the differences. Include people who are different, a lot of the time people with disabilities can do the same things you and I can in just a different way.

Damon also loves cars, trucks, and trains. Typical boy!


SusanR said...

I love these "faces of spina bifida" posts. All of the comments by parents who have found themselves awed by the person they are caring for are so true. I have a 32-year-old son with spina bifida who now makes a difference in others' lives as a tutor. He can teach anyone to read and study and his intervention has kept countless kids out of the special ed system. My husband and I are so proud of him and his accomplishments.

If there is a way to show him on your blog, I'd love to forward info. When Lars was a child, we had a friend, Angelo, who was a Polio victim. He inspired Lars to swim, to race, to participate. Lars is now an inspiration for other children (and their parents). Sometimes it really helps parents to see what their child is capable of becoming.

I tried to send a private email to request this, but couldn't make the "contact me" button work.

Cassie said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry the contact me button didn't work for you. You can email me directly at cassie(dot)mclelland@gmail(dot)com

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