Sunday, October 16, 2016

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Logan


This is Logan! He turns 8 years old on October 17th! Logan was born with Spina Bifida: Myelomeningocele, Hydrocephalus and Chiari Malformation: Type 2. He has a VP Shunt and is a full time wheelchair user. Logan also has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis.

Logan is nonverbal and is unable to stand up or walk on his own, but he doesn't let that stop him! He is a champion army crawler. His nickname is Lolo or we call him our little Iron Man! He is one of the toughest and determined kids that we know. And he is pure joy! But very stubborn. We always say, he is allowed to be a bit extra stubborn! He is a very smart boy and he amazes us every day at what he does and learns! Logan is learning how to use PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) in his Speech Therapy and in Physical Therapy they are working with him on crawling on his hands and knees, scooting himself around on his bottom and learning to pull himself up on things and his determination is paying off! We are so proud of this ray of sunshine in our lives and we can't wait to celebrate his birthday and look forward to all that he will learn and accomplish in the next years to come! Spina Bifida is his diagnosis, but Spina Bifida is not who Logan is!!! He is a beautiful gift given to us from God!

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