Monday, December 05, 2016

FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment Deal!!

Last February I posted a detailed review of the FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment. If you haven't read that post, take a minute to read it. The FreeWheel is a game changer for those in wheelchairs. It has allowed Caleb to navigate the rough trails at our nature park with ease. It makes pushing through grass so much easier. It has allowed him to sail down the bumpy hills at full speed without fear of tipping forward. Check out this video of Caleb tackling a rocky hill with ease.

We love it. And we love Epical Solutions for giving us the opportunity to try the FreeWheel in exchange for our honest review.

It just so happens that Epical Solutions is offering free shipping on all FreeWheel purchases throughout the month of December. Add the $100 off ADAPT code and that is a savings of $140!!

You can contact Justin directly for more information!

Justin Proctor
FreeWheel Representative

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