Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New Per4Max Chair

Caleb got his new, custom-made wheelchair today. It is sweet.

Looking good kid!

Polished aluminum with safety orange accents. All Caleb's choosing.

This is his first Per4Max chair. We've always ordered TiLite in the past but decided to try something new this time around. I'm glad we did. 

Minimal design. Simple...but makes a definite statement. 

Size comparison: New vs. Old. Yep, I'd say Caleb has grown quite a bit. 

A big Thank You to Gammy and Grandp Al for making this new chair possible! It was so nice to just order the chair Caleb wanted without having to go through insurance and all the red tape that involves. We got his chair so much faster because we were able to order directly from Per4Max. Grandparents are the best!

1 comment:

Nicky said...

Oh my god, that's an awesome wheelchair!!! Sadly, these wheelchairs are really expensive in my country (Czech republic) and insurance covers them only partially so it's out of my reach. I have a Meyra wheelchair. It's also nice and modern, but THIS is like a racing car compared to my wheechair. Wow!

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