Sunday, December 17, 2017

Benjamin's NERF party!

My baby will turn NINE in just a few days. We celebrated, NERF style, yesterday.

We turned the backyard into a NERF battlefield. I saved cardboard boxes for two months (at Benjamin's request) so that they could be used for his party. We had a blue side for the blue team....

and an orange side for the orange team. 

These cardboard "walls" were a big hit. It was Benjamin's idea to cut out rectangles with a flap so that the kids could stick their guns through the holes.

For an hour and half, the backyard was full of boys and flying Nerf darts. They even ignored the chilly temperatures and the steady drizzle of rain! Boys don't care about such things when they are in the middle of a battle. 

Before battle, the kids had to "Gear Up".

Plenty of ammo and a few extra NERF guns.

Safety goggles were required. I bought these inexpensive tool aprons at Lowe's, covered the Lowe's logo with duct tape (orange and blue to match the teams) and my mom made NERF logo stickers.

Fun game of "guess the number of darts". There were 53 darts in the container, the winning kid guessed 50.

I used camo tablecloths to cover the wall. I made the banner with black card stock and used my vinyl cutter to make the letters.

I found cute signs and water bottle labels on Etsy. 

Simple snack of cheese and crackers with grapes.

I made this cake ya'll! This was only my second time using fondant but I think it came out pretty good. Even the NERF darts are made of fondant! Benjamin thought it was perfect so that is all that matters.

The table set-up.

Boys, boys, and more boys.

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