Our SB friends

One of the things that comforts me more than anything else is knowing that I don't walk this road alone.  Caleb doesn't travel this journey in isolation.  He is not alone.  Our family has the love and support and encouragement from many other families, from all over. Finding and connecting with other families out there has helped me tremendously. I have fallen in love with dozens and dozens of kids. Each of these kids and their parents are so special to me. I know the journey they are on, because we are on the same road.  

We share a common bond.  
Spina Bifida.  
A bond we didn't ask for but what a blessing it is.  
We share a common language.  
We rejoice together in the mountains climbed and we weep together in the valleys.
We know the ups and downs of daily life.
We love our kids and we love each other.
I believe fully that God has brought all of us together.  
He has woven all of our lives together.

I wanted to introduce you to some of our dear friends.
You can meet them by going to their blogs.


We are clearly not alone. Look at all of these names, all of these kids.
All of the blessings.

Kids aren't the only ones with blogs, here are some adults living with SB that I would like for you to meet. 


I tried to remember everyone but I'm certain there are kids I forgot...or I don't know about. If you want your child included in this list then let me know.

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