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Saturday, December 26, 2015

ADVENTures Days 19-25

Day 19: Granny and Paw-Paw's Christmas

Granny and Paw-Paw host a Christmas celebration every year at their house. There is always plenty of food, fun, presents, and cousins. The boys love it and pretty much spend the entire day outside.

Such a poser.

The kid table.

He got a couple of Lego kits.

Day 21: Benjamin's 7th Birthday!

Benjamin officially turned 7. He got to pick our activity for the day and he chose to hang out at home and play with his new Lego kits. He also had a couple of friends come over for a playdate.

Day 22: Watch a Christmas movie

The boys and I chilled out and watched Elf. They loved it.

Day 23: Go see Christmas lights

Grandpa Joel took us to the Gaylord so we could see the Christmas decorations there. 

Day 24: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Day 25: Christmas Day!

Surprisingly, I have very few pictures from Christmas Day. We spent the morning at our house letting the boys open their gifts from mom and dad. After lunch we headed to Gammy and Grandpa Al's for more presents.

Benjamin was in heaven over this HUGE Ninjago kit. The thing had almost 1300 pieces and an instruction book as thick as my Bible. We spent hours on it and still had to finish it up the next day. He loves it.

Caleb got an authentic Houston Rockets jersey. 

Later that night Grandpa Joel and MeMe came over with even more presents for the boys! My house looks like a toy store exploded in it. 

So that about wraps up our ADVENTures for 2015. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Friday, December 18, 2015

ADVENTures Days 11-18

Days 11-12: Head to OKC for basketball tournament

We had to travel out of state for a wheelchair basketball tournament over the weekend. Before we hit the road we had to follow-up with Benjamin's ortho to see how his broken arm was doing. He had a quick xray and everything looked good so they added one more layer to his cast to hold everything in place. We head back in 3 weeks to get a short cast. He can't wait to get his short cast so he can finally move his elbow.

He chose neon yellow for the color. He loves it...well, he loves the color...not so much having a cast. He really is doing great though. I know it's been hard on him but he has handled it like a trooper.

Getting comfy at the hotel in OKC. Because of his broken arm, he hasn't been able to suck his left thumb (which is his favorite thumb) which caused some tears at the beginning. He has managed to make his right thumb fill the void. He's such a mess.

Best part of hotels? Yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Thumbs up while we chill and watch bubba play some basketball.

Day 13: Go see the new Peanuts movie

Sorry no picture. The boys enjoyed the movie though.

Day 14: Compassion Experience

I took the boys to the Compassion Experience. It is a really neat event hosted by Compassion International. It provides an opportunity to get a glimpse of what life is like in other countries. We have sponsored a boy in India for over 12 years so I thought this would be a neat experience for the boys. I highly recommend it. 

You get headphones and an Ipod so you can listen to the story as you walk through the experience.

You go room to room as you listen and learn about the life of a child that was impacted by Compassion International. It took the boys a little bit to realize what we were doing...even though I explained it several times but I think they got something out of it anyway. 

Day 15: ....this one didn't happen...

So I had something planned for this day...but then our fridge/freezer broke the day before and kinda turned my life upside down. It turns out that it is really hard to do life well without a working fridge and freezer. Life happens. Luckily, we were able to get it fixed and life returned to normal.

Day 16: Make sweet treats to share

We made some treats to give to their co-op teachers and Caleb's therapists. This is such an easy and yummy treat to make. You need pretzels (I like the snaps), Hershey kisses, and mint M&M's.

First have your kids unwrap a million kisses while you heat your oven to 250 degrees and lay out a layer of pretzels on a cookie sheet.

 Put a kiss on each pretzel. Bake for about 4-5 minutes (until the kisses looks shiny). Then press a mint M&M on top of the soft kiss. Put in fridge to cool and harden.
Salty. Sweet. Minty. Yummy.

Day 17: Take a toy and a treat to the fire station

Every year our local fire stations collect toys to pass out to local kids. We made a quick stop by there to drop off a toy for the collection and leave some yummy treats for the firefighters.

My boys.

Day 18: Game Night!

We have a really busy weekend ahead of us so we stuck to the simple for today's activity. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

ADVENTures Days 6-10

Day 6: Elf Yourself Video

The boys love making an Elf Yourself video. We do it every year and they laugh so hard they can barely breath. I highly recommend it. You just upload some photos and sit back and watch yourself become transformed into a dancing elf.

Day 7: Gingerbread House

I woke up on Monday morning, took a look at our December calendar, saw all the therapy appointments, doctor appointments, basketball tournaments, family stuff, and just general Christmas busyness...and I decided we were done with school for the rest of the year. The boys were thrilled of course, and this momma was relieved as well. So, that morning we stayed in our pajamas a little longer and decorated gingerbread houses at 8 am.

Day 8: Dissolving Candy Cane Experiment

Just because we are taking a break from school doesn't mean we can't learn a little something.

We filled 4 glasses with different liquids (hot water, cold water, vinegar, oil). Then we dropped a candy cane into each glass. We made guesses on which liquid would dissolve the candy cane the fastest. Hot water was the clear winner and we talked about why hot water did a better job at dissolving the candy.
Day 9: Take a gift to our buddy Bryce in the hospital

Caleb's friend Bryce had tethered cord release surgery on Monday so we wanted to pay him a visit and take him a gift during his hospital stay. 

The hospital was decorated with all kinds of Christmas stuff so we had to stop and take a look. This reindeer talked and sang.

Bryce is doing really well and has already gone home!

Day 10: Make Crystal Snowflakes

I saw this idea online and thought it would be a fun experiment. 

First you make snowflake shapes out of pipe cleaners. This proved to be a bit tricky for both boys, especially Benjamin since he only has one working arm. But we did the best we could.

Then you add 1/3 cup Borax to 2 cups boiling water and mix well. Hang the snowflakes in a cup, submerged in the borax solution. I used a wood craft stick and an ornament hook to hang the snowflake so it didn't touch the sides of the cup. Leave overnight.

The next morning you should have crystallized snowflakes!

Ahhh, so pretty :)

Saturday, December 05, 2015

ADVENTures Days 1-5

December is here! That means it is time to dust off our Advent box and start counting down the days until Christmas. We don't do Santa so I have found other ways to make this time of year memorable and special for our family. The boys love the Advent box and there is much excitement every morning as they open the door to see what is planned for that day. Sometimes that excitement turns into fighting over who gets to open the box.

Day 1: Decorate the tree!

December 1st is always the day we get out the tree and start decorating the house.

Table decorations

We got a new tree this year. This one has multi-colored lights and white lights. I am not a fan of colored lights but the boys love them. When they go to bed...

I turn on the white lights. Best of both worlds.

Day 2: Decorate your little tree! 

When we were shopping for a new Christmas tree, the boys wanted us to buy an all white tree. Um, no. Not happening. So when I saw this little white tree for only $5 I had to get it so they could have their very own white tree. They had a blast decorating it just the way they wanted.

Caleb had an orthopedic appointment that morning and we had to take a couple of pictures in front of the trees at the hospital. The boys humored me.

This day started off so great. The boys got to decorate their little white tree. We had a good appointment at the orthopedic surgeon. Everything was just fine....until...

....Benjamin climbed on my dresser, fell off my dresser, and broke both bones in his forearm. Yes, both bones. As a parent, I have seen a lot. We have been through some really difficult things with Caleb, including a rather horrifying ER experience when he was 2. I thought I could handle just about anything at this point. Well, I learned this week that I can not handle broken bones. When Benjamin fell and I saw his arm bent in a place that it shouldn't be....I lost it. I pretty much freaked out and just stood there screaming. Thankfully, Glenn sprung into action, scooped Benjamin up, and took him to the ER. It was a rough night for Benjamin. The ER tried twice to get his bones back in place, causing my sweet boy pain, and they still couldn't get the bones right. We had to follow up with an orthopedist and Benjamin had to be sedated so they could get those bones in the right place.

He picked a cool green cast.

It was a rough few days for my baby. He has been a trooper though and is doing much better now. 

Day 3: Make Slime!

This is always a hit with the boys. 

I bought the blue glitter glue. It gives the slime a really neat look. We just use the basic slime recipe using borax (you can google it to get the recipe, it is super easy).

Even a broken arm couldn't stop this kid from making some slime!

Day 4: Make Canvas Snowflake Art!

This activity was more for me than the kids. I wanted something for the mantel above our fireplace and this looked like the perfect thing.

All you need is a blank canvas, painters tape, and paint. 

Make a snowflake out of the tape.

Paint over it. Let the paint dry and remove the tape.

Ta-Da! So cute, right? I made a grey one and a red one. I love how they came out.

Day 5: Hometown Holidays Parade!

We took the boys to the local holiday parade today. I wasn't sure if Benjamin would feel up to it but he hasn't had any pain and was excited to go to the parade.

Our ADVENTures are off to a great start (minus the broken bones)! Stay tuned for more fun. 

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