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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mission: "A Cyle for Caleb"...COMPLETE!!

You might remember a post I made a couple of weeks ago: "Wanted: A cycle for Caleb", where I shared how we were in the process of saving $2500 so that we could purchase a hand cycle for Caleb.  I even shamelessly added a "chip-in" button to the site so that we could receive donations towards this purchase.  I knew that it would take quite awhile to save up this kind of money but I knew we would get it done.  A fellow SB mom, Jennifer (a.k.a. Charlie's mom) told me about a program called "Athletes Helping Athletes".  She thought they might be able to help us get funding for a cycle.  So, I did a bit of research.  AHA is an amazing program that is run by RoadRunnerSports, and they specifically provide grants for hand cycles.  So, I sent in an application.  Crossed my fingers.  And expected to hear something in about 3 months!  And within days I received a phone call letting me know that Caleb was getting a hand cycle!  FREE!!!  Hello!!  Woo-Hoo!!  AHA had 2 hand cycles that we could choose from and here is the one we chose for Caleb.

It's the Invacare Top End XLT JR.  We chose this one because it most closely resembled the custom cycle we had originally wanted made specifically for Caleb.  Because we were approved for a grant through AHA we can't have a cycle built for Caleb, we had to chose one of the Invacare bikes.  But this one looks a lot like what we had planned on anyway so we are super excited.  And the fact that all of this happened within days of me sending in the application is amazing! Caleb should be receiving his new cycle the first week of June.  Just in time for summer vacation :)

I truly can't believe it.  I never dreamed we would be able to give him such a wonderful gift so quickly.  Some of you parents know how long it can take to get anything our kids need, it can take months to get a wheelchair or a walker, or save money for an important piece of equipment.  So to have this cycle coming to us so quickly just blows my mind.  Truly an answer to prayer.

I do want to thank those of you that donated on the "chip-in" site (everyone's money was refunded).  I was touched by the handful of you that were so quick to give money towards a bike for Caleb.  So a big thank you to:

Jason, Monique and Aiden Clark
Gammy, Grandpa Al, and Aunt Rachel
Jill Bell (a.k.a. Kingsley's mom)
Kimberly Dill (a.k.a Jonathan's mom)
Kathy Stafford (Jonathan's grandma)
Northside Christian Church in Oklahoma (this is also a thank you to Melissa Bell who told her church about Caleb and they raised $350!)

You guys are awesome!!

I highly recommend looking into AHA if you need a hand cycle for your kid.  The process was so easy and so fast.  This foundation LOVES giving these cycle to kids, they are passionate about it, and they move quickly.
Another resource is Challenged Athletes, they also provide grants.  They only take applications once a year (I think starting in September).  So check them out as well.  I'm so thankful to Jennifer for telling me about these programs.  I had no idea there was anything out there that would provide Caleb a hand cycle.  Us parents need to share these valuable resources with each other so if there is some organization or foundation that has really helped you or your kid then leave a comment for others to read.  I'll start a resource section on this blog to make all these great resources easy to find.  So let me know if you know of any other great organizations!

And I will certainly be posting some pictures of Caleb on his new cycle as soon as we get it!  I can't wait.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wanted: A cycle for Caleb

A few weeks ago a dear friend of ours at church told us about a guy who builds custom hand cycles and he thought this would be a good resource for Caleb.  So over the last few weeks Glenn and I have been in contact with Justin (the gentleman who builds hand cycles) about having a custom hand cycle made just for Caleb. 

In the past Caleb has had an AmTryke, here is a picture of that:
Caleb has had this for a little over 2 years and it has served it's purpose.  It was great for when he was younger but he has definitely outgrown it.  There are larger AmTryke's available but to be quite honest they look like giant tricycles, plus they tip over easily.

Justin makes cycles that look more like this:
(That is actually Justin in the picture.  I blurred out the cute little boy's face since I don't personally know him)

Okay, so how cool is this cycle?!  As soon as Justin sent me a picture of this amazing cycle that he made, I knew I wanted one for Caleb.  It's perfect.  It's low to the ground which makes tipping over less likely and it will make it easier for Caleb to get on and off the cycle.  The cycle speaks for itself but I also appreciate the fact that Justin uses hand cycles himself.  He competes in races using a hand cycle and he does wheelchair races (I didn't even know that existed).  He takes this very seriously and it is without a doubt a labor of love for him.  He is the real deal folks.  Plus I like that he is local to our area and I will actually get to meet the person who is making Caleb's cycle.  The cycles Justin has made in the past have been for double amputees so he is working on a somewhat different design for Caleb.

I suggest sitting down for this next part....the cycle will cost close to $2500.  I know.  I know.  That is a lot of money to spend on a bike for a not quite 6 year old.  I agree.  It is a lot of money but the fact is that I can't just walk in a Wal-Mart and buy Caleb a bike.  He can't ride a standard bicycle.  He has to have a hand cycle.  And whenever you are dealing with a specialty item, the cost is high.  Good grief, his wheelchair was almost $6000 so we know all too well how much equipment costs.

Despite the cost we really want Caleb to have this cycle.  I have no doubt that he would absolutely love it.  And one day Benjamin will be riding a bike and we want Caleb to be able to ride a bike with his brother.  So we have begun the process of saving for this cycle.  I'm not sure how long it will take us but we will save until we have enough money.  After much thought I decided to set up a "Chip-In" page so that family or friends (or strangers even) could donate toward the cost of this cycle.  I felt a little weird about doing this but I decided it was an easy way for people to help us if they felt led to do so.  So, if you feel the urge to help us buy this cycle for Caleb then click on the "Chip-In" button below or on the right of the blog to donate.

On a totally different note, I have spent many hours labeling every. single. blog. post.  I wanted there to be an easy way to search the blog and now there is.  The labels are listed on the right, so now you can click on "HKAFO's" and it will pull up every blog post with that label. Or if you want to read about Benjamin's NICU  stay then click on "NICU". If you want to see all the videos ever posted then click on "videos" Or if for some reason you want to see every post that has a picture of Glenn then click on "Daddy".  :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Picnic at the park

We took advantage of the long weekend by taking the boys to the park today.
Caleb loves his Amtryke.  He decided to go off-roadin' today. 
Caleb is headed toward the sand volleyball court insisting that he can drive his tryke in the sand.  Glenn is telling him: "Caleb you won't be able to drive in the sand.  You are going to get stuck."  Caleb's response: "I won't get stuck dad."

Caleb stuck in the sand.  I guess daddy knew what he was talking about :)

Eating our picnic lunch.  Benjamin loves to eat.  I figured out that Benjamin eats about as much food as Caleb does!  Caleb is almost 5 years old and I'm pretty sure Benjamin could out-eat him!

Texas summers are super hot and Caleb takes 2 different medicines that make him sensitive to heat.  The poor kid turns bright red after being out in the heat for only 5 minutes.  His little arms were so red and hot.  It doesn't seem to bother him though.

I just love his sweet profile. 

Benjamin playing with a stick.  I think he was just happy to be out of the stroller.  I think the kid might be close to walking soon.  He has gotten to where he will take about 5-7 steps at a time.  His confidence is building too so hopefully he will start walking soon.  I'll try to post some video of him taking steps soon.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Park and Puddles

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today so we decided to take the boys to the park.  Caleb rode his Amtryke all over the place.  We are so grateful to Ambucs for giving Caleb the opportunity to ride a tricycle just like every other kid.  These Amtrykes are wonderful.  Anyway, Caleb had a great time.
We got a lot of rain last night so there were puddles all over the place. Caleb had to make sure he rode his tryke through EVERY SINGLE puddle.

Benjamin just chillin' in the stoller.  He loves being outside.

Benjamin's cute little foot with his cute little sandals.

Caleb throwing wet, muddy pecans into the big puddle.  

Benjamin enjoying the swing.

Nothing like a couple of hours at the park to wear the kiddos out (daddy too).  All 3 boys are napping as I type this!  And mommy is enjoying the quiet. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pictures from the week

Here are a few pictures from this past week.
Texas had a couple of really pretty days this past week so I took the boys for a walk.  Caleb loves riding his AmTryke.  I love that there is something like this available for him to use.  And let me tell you this kid can haul some serious booty on this thing!  He's wearing his new glasses in this picture, well actually just new lenses.  We had to replace his lenses recently and we got him the transition lenses.  Pretty cool.
Caleb pointing at something in the sky and Benjamin can't keep his hands off Caleb's bike.  Truthfully, Benjamin just can't keep his hands off of anything that Caleb has.
How stinkin' cute is that face!  And notice the drool hanging from the will I be glad when he stops drooling.  Yuck!  His eye is looking better so hopefully the eye drops will do the trick and surgery won't be necessary.
And how stinkin' cute is this face!  Can't believe this boy is 4 1/2 years old...blows my mind!
Since I was posting some other "hat" pictures, here is one of Caleb when he about a year old.  So cute.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Recent Photos

Picture of Benjamin snoozing in his swing. His life is so rough.
We are trying to enjoy the weather before summer is in full force with 102 degree temps and ozone warnings. It was beautiful outside this evening so we took Caleb out so he could ride his tryke. He had an absolute blast. He loves that tryke.
We went out for burgers this weekend and I just thought Caleb looked so cute with his baseball cap on.
Grandpa Joel and Aunt Morgan came to watch Caleb ride his horse this weekend.
Caleb got to ride a new horse this time, his name was "Shabach".

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas pictures

Since I was in the hospital during Christmas we didn't get the chance to let Caleb open his presents until this morning. He was very excited when he saw the presents under the tree. The best gift he got was a portable DVD player for the car, actually the DVD player is more for Glenn and I since Caleb chats constantly in the car. We think having a DVD player for longer car trips will keep us from going crazy with all the chatter in the back seat. I also include a couple of pictures from last weekend at Granny and PawPaw's house. Caleb got to spend some time outside playing basketball and riding his tryke. He had an absolute blast that day. The last three pictures were taken at Grandpa, Gammy,and Aunt Rachel's house on Christmas day. Uncle William was there too and helped Caleb open all of his presents. Caleb spent most of Christmas day at their house since I was in the hospital. He got some great toys and had a lot of fun that day. Caleb has gotten to spend a lot of time over there lately so that Glenn and I can go to the hospital to see Benjamin. He always has a good time over there.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Caleb's new wheels

Caleb got a new toy today. It is an Amtryke bike, which is a tricycle with hand and foot pedals. It is designed for kiddos like Caleb that are unable to pedal a regular tricycle. The best part is that the tryke was free through a local organization that provides these bikes to kids like Caleb. Gammy and Aunt Rachel took turns pushing Caleb around the kitchen. After a few circles in the kitchen Caleb was beginning to get the idea that he had to use his hands to make the tryke go. I think he will get the hang of it in no time at all. He certainly seemed to enjoy it. Gammy and Aunt Rachel are staying with us for a few days while Glenn is traveling. They are here to help me since I'm not supposed to lift anything over 15 pounds. I saw my doctor yesterday and our baby boy looks great. My placenta is still too low and since I am now 30 weeks it doesn't look like it is going to move. So, my c-section has been moved up to 36 weeks which is Jan. 20th. Only 6 weeks from now!! Yikes! In the meantime I am supposed to be taking it easy. Gammy and Aunt Rachel have been a big help and Caleb has loved having them here.
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