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Friday, August 18, 2017

Cast is off!

Benjamin got his cast off this week!

There is still one spot in the bone that hasn't fully healed so he has six weeks with the splint and then we'll follow up with another x-ray. He still has to take it easy since he is more susceptible to a break.

After Caleb's double leg cast, then broken leg cast, then Benjamin's broken arm cast....I am so over casts. I never want to see one again.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Benjamin breaks his arm....again

Because things can never just be boring around here....Benjamin broke his left arm. Again. Broke the ulna and radius. Again. I swear these kids are trying to kill me or at least give me more gray hairs.

He fell off his scooter Wednesday evening. I didn't see it happen but I heard him scream "My arm!" and I just knew. Once again, I freaked out, froze, screamed and cried while Glenn sprung into action. I don't know what it is about broken bones but I just can't deal with it. Benjamin was far more calm and brave than I was. As I sat rocking him in the grass while Glenn ran home to get the van, Benjamin kept saying "It's okay mom. It's just a broken arm, don't look at it." Bless him.

He stayed overnight at the hospital so the orthopedic doctor could set the bones and cast the arm first thing the next morning. He did great. Didn't shed a tear.

Enjoying a well-deserved popsicle in the recovery room.

He was sore and very tired yesterday but slept almost 12 hours last night and woke up this morning feeling better. He is such a trooper.

This isn't exactly how I wanted to start our summer break but at least we managed to get one water park visit in last week.

I have to share this picture. We went to Bryce's 12th birthday party last weekend. These 3 boys have known each other since they were about 2 years old.
Bryce, Nate, and Caleb.

Monday, May 29, 2017

SeaWorld and Aquatica

We took a quick family trip to San Antonio for a few days of fun. We squeezed in as much fun as possible during our stay. Perk of homeschooling....getting to take these family vacations while everyone else is at school/work. We missed most of the crowds.

We headed to the RiverWalk for dinner. 
The bird whisperer was thrilled to see ducks and pigeons all over the RiverWalk.

Getting ready for some Mexican food by the water.

Baby ducks.

This is Larry (affectionately named by Benjamin). He was our special guest throughout dinner. He was quite the beggar and would peck at Glenn to try and get food. The boys loved feeding the ducks. We even had a sparrow land on our table and steal a tortilla chip!

He's so weird.

The view from our dinner table.

 After dinner, we decided to take the boat tour around the RiverWalk.
The boat tour is a great way to learn some history and see some of the sights along the RiverWalk.

He's so handsome.

After a fun evening at the RiverWalk, we headed back to the hotel to rest and get ready for....

This was their first time here, and mine too. I may have been more excited than they were.

We went to a Sea Lion and Otter show as soon as we arrived.

After the show, we headed to ride our first coaster, Journey to Atlantis. Benjamin was so excited and was practically dragging me to the ride. He was all good until it came time to actually ride the thing. He started changing his mind pretty quick. I managed to get him on it anyway. He wasn't too thrilled with me.

All ready for the 60 foot drop? All ready to get wet? Benjamin had terror in his eyes and refused to look at the camera. 

Completely soaked after it was all said and done.

The boys did not love this. Benjamin was shaking after we got off and he may have been slightly traumatized.

To distract from the trauma endured on Journey to Atlantis, we headed to another show. This was a Dolphin and Beluga Whale show.

This was one of Caleb's favorite shows.

This is the "Pets Ahoy" show set. This may have been the most impressive show. I was amazed at how well the animals were trained. Cats, a mouse, dogs, a pig, a skunk, birds, etc. It was animal madness. Great show.

The final show of the day was the Orca whales.
These guys are so massive. It was unreal.

So we opened and closed the park that first day. We were total toast by the end of the day.

We headed back to SeaWorld around lunch time the next day. We wanted to hit up a few of the shows we missed the first day.

Another Orca Whale show.

A super cute Sea Lion show. 

This boy loved all the shows. I have to agree, the shows were my favorite too.

We also caught a magic show, went to the arcade, rode the Rio Loco water raft ride (got soaking wet, again), and ate lots of food and ice cream. We had a blast at SeaWorld. I'm glad we planned for two days there, we couldn't have squeezed everything in just one day.

After one final night in the hotel we headed to Aquatica (SeaWorld water park) the next day. We had to squeeze in a few more hours of fun before we headed home. 

The boys were so excited about the water park. We got there before it opened because we expected it to get pretty busy (and it did). It was cloudy the first part of the morning and the water was a little chilly for my liking but I pushed through the goosebumps. Eventually the sun came out and it was nice and toasty.


My fish.

After a few hours of water park fun, we had to hit the road and head home. We were sunburned and tired but we had a great time.

Such a fun trip with my sweet family. Fun was had and memories were made.

Monday, May 15, 2017

RISE Kicking off Summer Bash

We took the boys to the lake on Saturday for the RISE Kicking off Summer Bash. It is an annual adaptive sports events. I failed to take many photos but here are the moments I managed to capture.

There were several water sports at the event.

My boys went tubing. 

Frisbee golf. 

Hallow had her own fun in the lake. 

Afterwards, we headed out for an early Mother's Day lunch. I love these boys even though they make me absolutely crazy. Stressed but blessed ya'll.

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