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Monday, June 09, 2014

Sending Caleb to camp

I know I've said this about a dozen times before, but I'm going to say it again anyway...we are so blessed to live in an area with a local and active Spina Bifida Association chapter. Because of the Spina Bifida Association of North Texas we have access to some really great events. One of our favorite things has always been Spina Bifida Family Camp at Camp John Marc. We went to Family Camp for 7 years and loved it each time. Once kids turn 8 years old they "graduate" from Family Camp and are officially old enough for Camp TLC in the summer.

Camp TLC is a week long summer camp for kids (ages 8-15) with Spina Bifida. Each year about 100 kids with SB go to Camp John Marc for a week of major fun...without their parents!! Eeeek!! I have been looking forward to...and dreading this week for about a year now. I knew we would send Caleb to camp but he has never been out of my care, ever. So trusting others to take care of my baby does not come easy. I set my fears aside because I knew this would be such a great week for Caleb. He will be surrounded by kids just like him. That is a beautiful thing. There are tons of volunteers and medical staff on hand to make sure all the kids are well taken care of. Plus, Caleb will be going to camp with several of his buddies that he has known since they were all itty bitty.

Chompin' on some bacon while we were waiting to board the buses.

A quick wheelchair race down the hospital hallway.

Getting ready to board the buses!!

I was so proud of Caleb. I've mentioned before that Caleb struggles with anxiety. He was very anxious the days leading up to camp. He was an absolute mess the night before. He had every right to be anxious. He has never been away from home and we were about to send him to camp for almost a week! I'd be anxious too. But this boy stepped it up and did great when it was time to go. If he was anxious at all, I couldn't tell. 

Waiting with his buddy Nate.

Checking his bus boarding pass.

All smiles before he got on the bus.

On the bus with Nate.

So, Caleb left for camp Sunday and I won't see him again until Friday. Friday! Oh my. It is so weird without him. I keep wondering what he is doing. Luckily I have Benjamin to keep me occupied and busy this week. Benjamin is very excited to have momma all to himself. :)

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