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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

At MeMe's

We took advantage of the long Labor Day weekend by taking the boys down to the "farm" (aka MeMe's house). The boys love going there and it has been quite some time since we've made our way down there. We divided our time between staying out on the land and spending time at MeMe's house.

Someone is excited.

Benjamin was definitely in his element. He loved having all this open land to roam and run through. He was on a grasshopper hunt when I took this photo.

The boys met a neighboring horse and donkey.

MeMe has some land with cattle so we took some time to drive around and say "hi" to the cows. We also saw a gorgeous sunset. 

Hi cow.

Our mornings were nice and leisurely. It was a welcome blessing to have a break from our normal routine. 

Surrounded by nature. It really is just beautiful out there.

The boys got to ride around in Uncle Mike's truck.They thought that was pretty cool. Not sure what their poses are about.

He's handsome.

A little bird watching.

The cows were a bit curious about Benjamin but they were so skittish too. 

Benjamin was so excited because he found dozens of cicada shells. Seriously, we came home with a bag of cicada shells. He loved you can see from his face.

The boys had such a great time.

This photo is hanging on MeMe's wall....

.....look like someone familiar? 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmas #4 in the country with cows and a cabin

For Christmas #4 we headed out of town to MeMe's. Christmas at MeMe's is always a lot of fun for the boys. A lot of family come into town and the boys get the opportunity to see some people they don't see very often. MeMe has quite a bit of land that she raises cattle on. The land has been in the family for years and there are a couple of cabins out on the land for family to stay in. The cabins have also been in the family for years and years. We decided to stay out on the land in the cabin with the boys.

He's excited for an outdoor adventure!

Caleb got to hitch a ride on Daddy's back while we hiked around a bit.

It really is beautiful out there. We had such a great time being in nature and enjoying the quiet.

This may be my favorite picture.

What is a trip to the country without some bebe gun shooting?

Even I gave the gun a try.

Love this pic and my favorite 8 year old (my favorite 5 year old refused to be in the pic).

 We went back and forth from the cabin and MeMe's house.
The boys being silly in MeMe's driveway.

One night we took the boys outside for sparklers and a fire.

The loved the fire, probably a little too much. Little pyros. Staying out on the land in the cabin can be quiet and relaxing but it can also be a little when you are enjoying a camp fire and you hear dozens of coyotes all around you. It's so dark out there that you can't see anything at all. I don't like hearing a million coyotes and not being able to see where they are. That was my cue to head into the cabin for the night.

One morning we woke to find about 10 cows surrounding the cabin. The boys loved it! It's so funny because these huge animals are so skittish, they take off running when they get spooked.

It really is so pretty out there.

Saw this woodpecker pounding away one day.

Taking MeMe's lawnmower and the 4 wheeler for a spin.

Our last morning in the country.

We had to saw goodbye to the cows. 

Future cattle rancher maybe?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

At the farm

We took advantage of the long weekend and took the boys to see MeMe.  We had planned to go over Christmas but Caleb's UTI kept us home over the holidays.  The boys were so excited to be going to to MeMe's (great-grandma).

MeMe has a nice big back yard and thanks to some beautiful weather, the boys were able to spend quite a bit of time outside.
Benjamin mowed the grass.
I want to take a quick side note here to chat about Mr. Benjamin.  When he turned 3 last month I really got to thinkin' that I better potty train this kid.  I kept thinking that he would just decide to train himself or something, like he would wake up one morning and just want to use the potty.  I realize now that was crazy thinking.  Benjamin was perfectly happy in diapers and showed no interest in the potty, at all.  So I did a bit of research and several people recommended this 3 day method, kinda like a crash course in potty training.  The lady that developed it insists that your child will be potty trained (even overnight) in only 3 days.  Sounds perfect, right?  Basically you have your child throw out all the diapers and put undies on them right away.  Then you pump them full of fluids, don't leave their side (not even to let the dog in because your child will pee on the floor-not that I know this from experience or anything).  So I stayed with my eyes glued to Benjamin for 3 days, I barely left his side and tried to catch him before he had to go and rush him to the potty.  We didn't leave the house for several days.  It was a very. long. frustrating. process which involved the washing of many undies and cleaning the carpet on more than one occasion.  I can't say he was completely potty trained in 3 days, but after day 5 he was no longer having any accidents and was letting us know every time he needed to pee.  He has even stayed dry the past 3 nights!  So, I think I can safely say that Benjamin is in big boy undies and is doing very well.  Potty training is ridiculously hard and I suspect it is harder the longer you wait, in hindsight I wish I had started a bit sooner.

Okay, let's move on.

The boys had fun blowing bubbles in the backyard.

Because of Izzy and her giant crate we didn't have room for Caleb's wheelchair which meant he had no choice but to use his walker the entire time.  He did really well all weekend.  It's hard work for him and I know he gets so tired but he did great.

And no trip to MeMe's is complete until you take the riding low mower out for a spin.  The boys had way too much fun.
Sitting by the water.

MeMe has a bit of land with some cattle so we took the boys to see the cows.

Caleb feeding one of the cows.  I was so proud of him, in the past he has been very nervous around the cows because they are quite noisy when they all get to "moooing".  He was still a bit anxious but he actually had fun this time.

Another side note:  While we were out on the land feeding the cows Benjamin had to pee, so my big boy peed outside for the first time.  I'm pretty sure that is a right of passage for boys. (I don't have a picture of that-which I am sure Benjamin will be thankful for)

I just thought this was so sweet.  A mama and her baby.  Ahhh.

Izzy Bell was totally in her element while we were there.  She loved having all the space to run and explore (although she was terrified of the cows).  And I mean terrified.  It was hysterical.  I guess if I was a 30 pound dog I would be pretty nervous around a bunch of huge cows!  After all, she is a bird dog, not a cattle dog. :)

It was a really great weekend and the boys had so much fun.
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