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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Facebook Photo Dump

It has been a long time since I have done a "Facebook Photo Dump".  I had intended to do it once a month....but I kinda forgot. I'm mostly doing this for me.  I am in the process of printing out my blog year by year so I want to make sure I include all the random photos and captions that I share on Facebook, but that don't always make it to the blog.  Here goes:

April 14, 2012
Benjamin painting a birdhouse...topless.

March 23, 2012
I feel like this picture could be used against me in a court of law, but I assure you that the child got in there all by himself, he even took his own blanket, pillow, and toys. 

March 10, 2012
Future basketball star right here folks! He was so excited because he got a team jersey today, he still hasn't taken it off! 

February 6, 2012
Nappin' with his monster truck 

January 9, 2012
So nice of Caleb to give Benjamin a makeover. 

January 3, 2012
Caleb's school picture. Seriously, how cute is my kid?!

December 16, 2011
Benjamin and Izzy cuddled up on the couch together...(he's pretending to be asleep and she' not supposed to be on the couch) 

November 30, 2011
Benjamin had his picture taken on a pony at preschool....I think his expression says it all. That face is so Benjamin. I love it.

November 23, 2011
I love this kid, his smile makes me smile.

November 7, 2011
What is it with this kid and the dryer?!

November 3, 2011
Silly boy.

October 25, 2011
Pajama Day at school

October 24, 2011
Western Day at school

September 23, 2011
Benjamin wanted to sit in "bubba's" lap. I love it when they like each other :)

September 17, 2011
This goose egg is from a mosquito bite...he's allergic.

And I think that about does it!  I'm all caught up on my Facebook photo dump.  Hopefully I won't wait another 7 months to do this again.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

At the farm

We took advantage of the long weekend and took the boys to see MeMe.  We had planned to go over Christmas but Caleb's UTI kept us home over the holidays.  The boys were so excited to be going to to MeMe's (great-grandma).

MeMe has a nice big back yard and thanks to some beautiful weather, the boys were able to spend quite a bit of time outside.
Benjamin mowed the grass.
I want to take a quick side note here to chat about Mr. Benjamin.  When he turned 3 last month I really got to thinkin' that I better potty train this kid.  I kept thinking that he would just decide to train himself or something, like he would wake up one morning and just want to use the potty.  I realize now that was crazy thinking.  Benjamin was perfectly happy in diapers and showed no interest in the potty, at all.  So I did a bit of research and several people recommended this 3 day method, kinda like a crash course in potty training.  The lady that developed it insists that your child will be potty trained (even overnight) in only 3 days.  Sounds perfect, right?  Basically you have your child throw out all the diapers and put undies on them right away.  Then you pump them full of fluids, don't leave their side (not even to let the dog in because your child will pee on the floor-not that I know this from experience or anything).  So I stayed with my eyes glued to Benjamin for 3 days, I barely left his side and tried to catch him before he had to go and rush him to the potty.  We didn't leave the house for several days.  It was a very. long. frustrating. process which involved the washing of many undies and cleaning the carpet on more than one occasion.  I can't say he was completely potty trained in 3 days, but after day 5 he was no longer having any accidents and was letting us know every time he needed to pee.  He has even stayed dry the past 3 nights!  So, I think I can safely say that Benjamin is in big boy undies and is doing very well.  Potty training is ridiculously hard and I suspect it is harder the longer you wait, in hindsight I wish I had started a bit sooner.

Okay, let's move on.

The boys had fun blowing bubbles in the backyard.

Because of Izzy and her giant crate we didn't have room for Caleb's wheelchair which meant he had no choice but to use his walker the entire time.  He did really well all weekend.  It's hard work for him and I know he gets so tired but he did great.

And no trip to MeMe's is complete until you take the riding low mower out for a spin.  The boys had way too much fun.
Sitting by the water.

MeMe has a bit of land with some cattle so we took the boys to see the cows.

Caleb feeding one of the cows.  I was so proud of him, in the past he has been very nervous around the cows because they are quite noisy when they all get to "moooing".  He was still a bit anxious but he actually had fun this time.

Another side note:  While we were out on the land feeding the cows Benjamin had to pee, so my big boy peed outside for the first time.  I'm pretty sure that is a right of passage for boys. (I don't have a picture of that-which I am sure Benjamin will be thankful for)

I just thought this was so sweet.  A mama and her baby.  Ahhh.

Izzy Bell was totally in her element while we were there.  She loved having all the space to run and explore (although she was terrified of the cows).  And I mean terrified.  It was hysterical.  I guess if I was a 30 pound dog I would be pretty nervous around a bunch of huge cows!  After all, she is a bird dog, not a cattle dog. :)

It was a really great weekend and the boys had so much fun.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Benjamin feeding Izzy...sorta

Earlier this week Benjamin was outside with Izzy Bell.  Usually Benjamin hangs out by the sandbox but when I peaked outside I didn't see him in his usual spot.  I scanned the backyard and found him and Izzy sitting together by the fence.  I watched them for a second and then I realized that Benjamin was feeding Izzy grass!

"Here ya go Izzy, here is some grass for you."
(that is a direct quote)

"Uh oh, mom is out here.  I wonder if she saw anything.  Just act cool Izzy, maybe she won't notice that you have a mouthful of grass."

"Here is some more grass for you."
(another direct quote)

"I know you have a mouthful Izzy, but here is some more.  Keep eating this grass I am shoving in your mouth."

"I didn't do anything mom!  I'm just sitting here minding my own business."

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baseball, Playground, and Puppy!!

Caleb had his first Miracle League baseball game of the fall season yesterday.  His buddy Jacob is playing too, although on a different team.  Caleb was so excited to be playing baseball again.  I'm still not convinced that he has any clue what baseball is about but he loves to hit the ball and run the bases.  And I guess that is all you really need to know.
Caleb and Jacob

Caleb had to warm up that arm before the game, so he and daddy threw the ball back and forth for a few minutes.
Love this picture

Caleb was one of the first kids to bat.
Of course, he knocked this ball right out of the park and then made a quick run to 1st base!

Waiting patiently at 2nd base.
And running to home plate!

While bubba was busy playing ball, Benjamin had to find some fun of his own.
I'm pretty sure he shouldn't be touching this huge piece of construction machinery...but oh well.  He kept asking me for the keys so he could turn it on!

After the game we took the boys to the all-accessible playground by the baseball fields.  

All-in-all, a good fun-filled Saturday morning.
And, as if baseball and the park wasn't enough fun for one day, we got this little lady yesterday too....
So precious right?  We aren't entirely sure what kind of dog she is, hopefully a vet will be able to give us a better idea.  All we know is she is cute, sweet, pees all the time, and the boys LOVE her.  They. Love. Her.  Her name is Izzy.
Puppies are kinda like newborn babies in some ways.  Izzy doesn't sleep through the night.  She is really alert and playful for about 15 minutes at a time and then she needs a nap.  Did I mention she pees a lot?  I admit to having a moment of panic after Glenn brought her home.  A moment where I asked myself:  "What have we done?  Why in the world did we just get a PUPPY!?"  But she's so cute that it is hard not to love her and the boys are totally smitten with Izzy.  They will not/can not leave her alone.  Poor Izzy can't even get a decent nap in because the boys can't keep their hands off of her.  Truly, having a puppy hasn't been that stressful, it's the Kids + Puppy = STRESS.  We are constantly saying things like:
"Caleb get your finger off of her eye."
"Benjamin don't pick her up by her neck."
"Caleb leave her alone so she can eat please."
"Benjamin, she doesn't need your monster truck to play with."
I know that once we have had Izzy awhile the novelty will wear off and the boys will relax a bit...I hope.
He Loves Her.
Sweet baby girl fell asleep in my arms. Ahhh.
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