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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sweet Treats

Several of our Advent activities lately have involved making sweet treats for other people.

The first thing we made was Chocolate Pretzel Kisses. These are so easy and oh-so tasty. This is the perfect treat for kids to help out with. My boys had so much fun.

What you need:
A big bag of pretzels
Hershey kisses (we used chocolate kisses and candy cane kisses)

First the boys laid the pretzels out on a cookie sheet.

Next, they unwrapped and unwrapped and unwrapped a million Hershey kisses.
(they may have eaten a few as well)

Placing the kisses on top of the pretzels.

Pop them in a 170 degree oven for about 5 minutes.

Push a M&M into the top of the soft kiss.
Put them in the fridge or freezer to cool and harden.

Note: the Candy Cane kisses melt a lot faster than the chocolate so I learned after the first batch not to bake the two together. The Candy Cane kisses are much softer and melt quicker than the chocolate. I can't tell you enough how yummy these are. We made a ton of them, bagged them up, and passed them out to the staff at Caleb's and Benjamin's school.

What you need:
Bag of Pretzel Rods
Bakers chocolate (semi-sweet and white chocolate)
Sprinkles, toppings, whatever you want on your pretzels
Pretzel Rod bags

I decided to make these as gifts. They are easy, yummy, and festive.

You can get step by step photos by clicking the link above but basically you melt semi-sweet baking chocolate, dip the pretzel, give it some sprinkles, and put it in the fridge or freezer to harden. Easy as pie!

These are so yummy. Seriously, super yummy.

Last week, Caleb's class went to see a production of  "T'was the Night before Christmas". I ran across this sweet treat idea and thought it would be a cute gift to the kids in Caleb's class.

Sugarplums (click the link for ingredients needed)
First the boys pushed a marshmallow onto a lollipop stick.

Dip half the marshmallow into melted blue candy (candy melts).

Dip into sprinkles.

Allow drying time. Bag it up. Add the cute tag and ribbon (tag available at the link above).
So cute!

We also did another "Light 'Em Up!" activity this week. We left a sweet treat and note in our mailbox for the mail carrier to find. :)

So fun!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our ADVENTure: Light 'Em Up! Activity

We did our first "Light 'Em Up!" activity with the boys this week. I mentioned before that Caleb read through the list of possible activities and he circled the ones he wanted to do. I doubt that we will get to all of them but I hope to at least do a handful.

Light 'Em Up Activity: Let your garbage collectors know that you appreciate them by making signs and taping them to your trash can/bags.

Caleb coloring his "Thank you" sign.

We taped the signs to our trash bags before we set them out.

The next morning I put the picnic table by the front door so the boys could watch for the trash truck. The boys waited and waited for the truck to come. Waited and waited. Caleb was so worried he would have to leave for school and miss seeing the trash truck.

Right as it was time to take Caleb to school, the truck rounded the corner! The boys were so excited. The guy jumped off the truck, saw the signs right away, and showed them to the driver. They waved at the boys and yelled "Thank you!". It was really neat. We may have to do this more often.

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