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Friday, March 15, 2013

Our "Staycation" Day Five

Today was the final day of "Our Staycation with Shaun the Sheep". Glenn took off work and joined us for some family fun. We decided to take the boys to the Fort Worth Stockyards. The boys have never been and it has been ages since I have been.

We checked out the steers first.

They were just chillin' in the sun.

With my boys.

Next we grabbed some lunch. Yummy barbeque.

Benjamin kept himself entertained by blowing up the utensil baggie and then trying to pop it.

Next, we stopped by the candy store.

Caleb with a candy mustache. He's also wearing a mustache shirt.

Benjamin picked out a small lollipop.

A vintage train runs right through the stockyards. Considering Benjamin's love of trains we had to get tickets to ride the train.
Feeling the track to see if the train is coming.

Lil' stinker.

Here comes the train.

This was a real train. A really big train. Benjamin was so excited.

Of course, Shaun the Sheep joined us.

After the train ride we headed over to the petting zoo.

The boys loved feeding the animals.

Caleb hugging a goat.

The best part of the petting zoo was watching Caleb get assaulted by a camel. Hysterical. 

This camel had no respect for people's personal space. He just got right in your face.

Benjamin wouldn't go anywhere near the camel.

One last picture before we headed home. I love that I am the only one looking at the camera.

Way too much fun for this little guy.

It really was a fun day. The boys had a blast and there was a ton of things for them to do. We didn't get to do everything so we will definitely be taking them back soon.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our "Staycation" Day Four

We didn't have anything major planned today so the boys enjoyed a leisurely their beds! For some reason they think eating in bed is the coolest thing ever.

A little milk on the chin :)

After running a quick errand, we came home and made lemonade. 

The boys wanted to have another picnic outside today and Caleb specifically asked that we picnic in the grass instead of at the table. So we I made lunch and we headed outside to eat and enjoy the fresh lemonade.

Watching a plane.

Look at that sweet face.

We have been really blessed with some gorgeous weather this week. It has been great.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our "Staycation" Day Three

Today we met Bryce and Nathan at Peter Pipers for some pizza and arcade fun.

He loves the dump truck game. This game is a major token hog.

Love that little hand trying to reach the puck.

And yes, Shaun the Sheep did join us for some arcade fun. He hung out on the back of Caleb's wheelchair.

Shooting some baskets.

Nothin' but net on that shot.

Benjamin is very dangerous with skee ball. That kid had balls flying everywhere. He has a super strong arm...but not the best aim.

Bryce, Caleb, and Nathan.
The boys were so busy doing their own thing that this is the only pic I got of them together.

Our same boys...just much younger. Bittersweet.

This afternoon Caleb had horseback riding.
I just want to brag on him a bit. Caleb doesn't like to be up high and he doesn't like unexpected noises. So being on top of a large animal that can neigh or sneeze without warning is out of his comfort zone. Starting horseback riding again after such a long break from it has cause some anxiety in Caleb. He was very anxious this afternoon as we were getting ready to head out for his lesson. We had a long talk about it. I told him that it was okay to be nervous but that sometimes we need to push past that nervous feeling. We talked about "Wheelz" (you fellow SB parents know who I'm talking about) and how nervous he must be when he is looking down the mega ramp getting ready to zoom down it to land another wheelchair back flip. I also told him to talk to God when he feels nervous like that and to pray for peace. He even said a short prayer in the car before we got out to ride. By the end of our talk, Caleb had mostly pulled himself together and was ready to ride. I could tell that he was still anxious but he pushed through. I was just super proud of him for being brave, for stepping out of his comfort zone even though he didn't want to. Love that kid.

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