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Friday, January 20, 2012

PT, Frisbee, Tripod canes, and a "Tow Mater" look-a-like

Caleb had physical therapy with Ms. Vicki yesterday.  The weather was beautiful so she worked with Caleb outside.  I don't always see Caleb making progress, and maybe that is just because I see him every single day so I often miss the big picture.  Ms. Vicki helped Caleb walk with his tripod canes.  I have definitely seen a bit of progress with those, he is able to stand up using the canes for several minutes which is something that he was never able to do with the forearm crutches.  I am so glad I bought these canes because they offer him such a wide base of support.  He only has AFO's to help brace his ankles so when using the canes or forearm crutches he really has to utilize a lot of strength in the hips and trunk, not an easy task for him.
Ms. Vicki had Caleb stand against the house and throw the frisbee.  Sounds easy enough, but that requires a lot from him.  I love that she tries to make PT as fun as possible so that Caleb is working....but he doesn't quite realize he's working.  :)

He is leaning against the wall a bit for support but he is still working very hard. 

Sometimes I just look at him and think: "This kid blows me away."

And just because this is too funny not to share...
Notice the arrows pointing at a giant white tooth
 Caleb has a VERY loose tooth up top and it is so loose that is will stick out really far past his lips when he smiles.  It was totally cracking me up, I kept telling him that he looked like "Tow Mater"!  I imagine that tooth will fall out before this weekend is over...maybe before this day is over.  How cute is this kid going to be with a missing top tooth!  Stay tuned for pictures of a big toothless grin!

Oh, and Caleb was featured on the Kidz blog again.  Check it out!

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