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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Benjamin's NERF party!

My baby will turn NINE in just a few days. We celebrated, NERF style, yesterday.

We turned the backyard into a NERF battlefield. I saved cardboard boxes for two months (at Benjamin's request) so that they could be used for his party. We had a blue side for the blue team....

and an orange side for the orange team. 

These cardboard "walls" were a big hit. It was Benjamin's idea to cut out rectangles with a flap so that the kids could stick their guns through the holes.

For an hour and half, the backyard was full of boys and flying Nerf darts. They even ignored the chilly temperatures and the steady drizzle of rain! Boys don't care about such things when they are in the middle of a battle. 

Before battle, the kids had to "Gear Up".

Plenty of ammo and a few extra NERF guns.

Safety goggles were required. I bought these inexpensive tool aprons at Lowe's, covered the Lowe's logo with duct tape (orange and blue to match the teams) and my mom made NERF logo stickers.

Fun game of "guess the number of darts". There were 53 darts in the container, the winning kid guessed 50.

I used camo tablecloths to cover the wall. I made the banner with black card stock and used my vinyl cutter to make the letters.

I found cute signs and water bottle labels on Etsy. 

Simple snack of cheese and crackers with grapes.

I made this cake ya'll! This was only my second time using fondant but I think it came out pretty good. Even the NERF darts are made of fondant! Benjamin thought it was perfect so that is all that matters.

The table set-up.

Boys, boys, and more boys.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Caleb's "Magic"-al Birthday

Two weeks before his birthday, Caleb decided he wanted a magic-themed birthday party....with a magician. Okay. I had no idea how to go about finding a magician! Luckily a friend was able to recommend someone that she had used for her son's birthday. That was good enough for me.

We had his party at the local recreation center and we only had 30 minutes to set up. I've never decorated for a party so fast in my life! (I'll include links of all the decor I used at the end.)

The color scheme was black, red, white and gold. I bought cheap $1 table cloths at Walmart. I did black with a red table runner down the middle. I had the black and white striped table cloth from Caleb's basketball themed party last year. I found 8x12 playing cards on Amazon and used those as placemats. It looked super cute and the kids got a kick out of the giant cards.

I found these cheap black top hats and added a red ribbon. I glued playing cards to the side. Each guest got a hat and a magic wand.

I made the "happy birthday" banner using 5x7 playing cards, black cardstock and gold alphabet stickers.

I made a stage backdrop using the $1 Walmart table cloths and party decor kit I found on Amazon (links to all this at the end). I loved this but wished I had made it bigger. It looked too small on the wall but with only 30 minutes to set up I had to just accept it and move on. 

Sixlets candies to go with our color theme.

Each guest received a deck of magic cards. These were a big hit.

I made this ya'll! I had never used fondant to make a cake before, but it really wasn't that hard. It came out great, especially considering it was my first time to use fondant.

I glued some of the 5x7 cards to a cheap serving platter for the cake.

The magician was great. The kids were in awe for about 40 minutes as he performed trick after trick. I loved watching Caleb's face the whole time. They were all mesmerized. Minds blown.

A little magic at the table. 

Caleb was included quite a bit in the show. He had a blast.

Such a great party for such a great kid.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Caleb turns 12!

My first born, my baby is TWELVE. Only one year from TEENAGER! Yikes ya'll. Where is my squishy baby? Who is this man-child?

Caleb got the best gift ever on his birthday....
His blindingly awesome Per4Max sports chair! He finally has a basketball chair that fits him! This thing is so bright. It's probably safer to look directly at a solar eclipse than it is to look at this chair. It's awesome and he got it just in time for the start of basketball season. 

We took Caleb to meet up with his buddy Bryce at IFly. They have an "all abilities night" each month for those with special needs.
Caleb went from really really nervous. So nervous that I didn't think he would actually go through with it. The instructors there were amazing and gave him such a pep talk that he was willing to give flying a try. I was so ridiculously proud of him.

I think he will remember his 12th birthday for a long time.

Stay tuned for pictures from his party!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Celebrating 11 years old

My baby, my first born turned 11 years old last week. I have no idea how this happened ya'll. He just keeps getting bigger and older and turning into this young man. I can't take it but I can't stop it either. Sigh.

Birthday donuts, a tradition.

One of the gifts we got Caleb was the Bean Boozled Jelly Belly game. He was so excited. If you aren't familiar with this game, it is basically a game of chance. You have a pile of jelly beans and a spinner. You spin the spinner and you eat whatever jelly bean it lands on. Sounds safe enough right? Wrong. For every good tasting jelly bean there is a nasty, horrifying jelly bean. But you don't know what you get until you eat it. So you could get a "Juicy Pear" (yum) or a "Booger" (gross). You could get "Peach" (yum) or "Barf" (double gross). Because the nasty ones look like the yummy are either in for a pleasant surprise or you are running to the nearest trashcan. The boys LOVED this and giggled like crazy the entire time. I gave it a try but after eating a "Stinky Sock" jelly bean I was done. No thank you.

Caleb hasn't had a birthday party since his SK8 party 3 years ago. Caleb didn't want a big party this year either, he just wanted 2 friends from his homeschool co-op to come over. So the guest list was small but if you know me I do big decorations. I love this kind of stuff. Love it. I did tone it down a little...sorta.

Theme: Basketball (of course)

I got the birthday banner on Etsy. I made the scoreboard. I added a few of his wheelchair basketball medals.

Bouncy basketballs for decorations and the kids took them home after the party.

Orange sherbet punch.

The cake! Caleb loved this! It's just a basic cake with chocolate frosting. Reeses Pieces are used to make the basketball. So cute and easy!

Basketball Oreo pops.

The table.

The face when he saw his cake. 

I'm a mom of an eleven year old.

All boys. Six boys in one house makes for a fun and crazy afternoon. There was a lot of running, nerf gun shooting and video game playing. It was perfect. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

ADVENTures Days 19-25

Day 19: Granny and Paw-Paw's Christmas

Granny and Paw-Paw host a Christmas celebration every year at their house. There is always plenty of food, fun, presents, and cousins. The boys love it and pretty much spend the entire day outside.

Such a poser.

The kid table.

He got a couple of Lego kits.

Day 21: Benjamin's 7th Birthday!

Benjamin officially turned 7. He got to pick our activity for the day and he chose to hang out at home and play with his new Lego kits. He also had a couple of friends come over for a playdate.

Day 22: Watch a Christmas movie

The boys and I chilled out and watched Elf. They loved it.

Day 23: Go see Christmas lights

Grandpa Joel took us to the Gaylord so we could see the Christmas decorations there. 

Day 24: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Day 25: Christmas Day!

Surprisingly, I have very few pictures from Christmas Day. We spent the morning at our house letting the boys open their gifts from mom and dad. After lunch we headed to Gammy and Grandpa Al's for more presents.

Benjamin was in heaven over this HUGE Ninjago kit. The thing had almost 1300 pieces and an instruction book as thick as my Bible. We spent hours on it and still had to finish it up the next day. He loves it.

Caleb got an authentic Houston Rockets jersey. 

Later that night Grandpa Joel and MeMe came over with even more presents for the boys! My house looks like a toy store exploded in it. 

So that about wraps up our ADVENTures for 2015. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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