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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Tapestry of Grace, Year 3, Unit One

We wrapped up our first unit last week. Here are the highlights from the last few weeks of school.

Year 3 picks up right where Year 2 left off. I love the continuity of Tapestry of Grace. Everything just flows together. We are continuing to learn about the early years of the United States.

I bought this book as a supplement to our studies. It came with a map and stickers so we can add states to our map as we learn about them in our studies.

We learned about the 3 branches of government.

We've studied the first 5 presidents of the United States. I bought the Presidents cards in the $1 section at Target. They are perfect for our studies because they list facts about each president on the back. 

We spent some time reading about Lois and Clark and their expedition into new territory.

We started a collage poster. We will be adding to it throughout the year.

We use this book to help us draw the pictures for our collage poster. These are great books, I highly recommend.

We are also working our way through History Pockets. These make for a good review of what we are learning and they offer some fun activities. 

We made a state info card for each state as they became a part of the US. I got the flag stickers here.

Benjamin is working on his own U.S. Presidents book. I love that both boys learn the same things at the same time....just at a different level. I found all of the President coloring pages on the Crayola site

We studied the Star Spangled Banner and made our own flags. Caleb made his out of Legos and Benjamin used construction paper. Did you know the flag of 1812 is the only U.S. flag to have 15 stripes instead of 13?

We completed another lapbook. I still love these. Since our units are about 9 weeks long, the lapbooks serve as a great review at the end of the unit. We didn't just learn early U.S. history but we also studied Napoleon and Simon Bolivar. We also covered some of the big inventions during this time period. 

Working hard.

Love my little lefty.

We use A Reason for Handwriting. Benjamin loves to put his copy work on the fridge. I had to remind him that there are 36 weeks of school and the fridge isn't big enough to display everything.

The boys started a new co-op this year. The co-op/mother's day out that we have done over the last couple of years isn't running anymore but a brand new co-op sprung up within minutes of our house. This one is a true co-op where the parents are the teachers and everyone pitches in. It is every Monday morning for 3 hours. The boys each have 3 classes that they attend during that time.

First day of the new co-op. The boys were a bit nervous but excited too. Luckily they saw some friends from their old co-op at the new co-op.

Benjamin in his Land Animals class.

We also squeezed in some fun nature walks. The boys really enjoyed a nature class on owls. They got to dissect owl pellets in search of bones. The found entire skulls in the pellets. It was really cool.

And we saw an actual Barred Owl in a tree!

Our town started this really fun community activity. You paint rocks, hide them, post clues, and go searching for rocks. The boys were so excited to find 3 rocks on our nature walk. We painted some today that we plan to hide this week.

So that is a quick recap of the last few weeks. 

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

First day of school pics, homeschool style

I'm a little late posting these....we started back up with school last week. I had to drag the boys outside for these photos. They are sick to death of holding these signs but oh well. I will force them to do this. They will do this when they are teenagers...maybe even when they go to college.

It's been a smooth transition back into our homeschool routine. That is yet another benefit of following a more year-round schedule. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our "Summer"

We took six weeks off from school for our summer. Here are a few snapshots of our summer moments.

We did some art tutorials on ArtForKidsHub (super fun site, highly recommend).

We finally got around to doing some Tinker Crate activities that I had from months ago. 

We made a simple robot that could color on paper. It was actually pretty cool. You can see that Hallow is mesmerized as well.

We built huge towers out of cups.

We signed up for Kids Bowl Free and went bowling several times.

We celebrated Father's Day.

We went swimming.

Hallow went swimming.

She loved the water but was content to stay on the step.

We played Minecraft...a lot. Too much.

We spotted Caleb's photo on a poster while at Cook Children's.

We went to Hawaiian Falls. Despite the sassy face, Benjamin was excited to go swimming.

We celebrated the 4th of July.

Arcade fun after bowling.

More arcade fun after bowling.

We took a somewhat sudden and unexpected trip to Galveston to see a specialist for Caleb. More on that to come. We did a little sight-seeing while we were there.

Hallow enjoyed the hotel accommodations.

My boys...and my girl

More sight seeing.

Hotel pool fun.

There were Muscovy ducks in front of our hotel. Caleb was in bird-lovin' heaven.

While we didn't have time to swim in the ocean we managed to sneak a quick peek.

Hallow needed a quick beach nap.

We enjoyed hotdogs after swimming.

This was the first year I tried more of a year round schedule for our homeschool and I liked it....except I think the six weeks off for "summer" was still too long. Because we took a longer break I felt like I still needed to squeeze in some school by having them do math, reading, and writing. Even though those things only took a small amount of time, it still felt like we were doing school. I think I like taking smaller, more frequent breaks and making them true breaks. Live and learn. That's one of the many reasons I love homeschooling. We start another year tomorrow!
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