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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Last week Caleb's class had a field trip to the zoo, but due to the horrible tummy bug that had taken over our home, he missed the field trip.  And he was super disappointed.  So, we promised that we would take him to the zoo once we all got to feeling better.  Today was that day.  And it would figure that the day we decide to go to the zoo, Texas has the highest temperature so far this year...100 degrees!!  Good gravy, it was steamy today.
The boys were so excited about going to the zoo.  I don't think the heat bothered them near as much as it bothered Glenn and I.  Although Caleb started getting grumpy after a couple of hours because he was so hot.
I've learned that zoos are not super wheelchair friendly.  Caleb couldn't see much from his chair so Glenn had to pick him up a lot so he could see the exhibits.  Of course, Benjamin couldn't see well either since he is still so little so he had to be picked up quite a bit too.
Not sure what Caleb is looking at here but I just loved the expression on his face.  Plus its a good shot of his spiky hair that he is so proud of!
This picture cracks me up.  Even the animals were hot.  I bet they get sick of thousands of people staring at them every single day.  
I've named these two guys Caleb and Benjamin :)
I wonder if meerkats make good pets??  They are so cute.
I just thought it was funny how this duck was laying.

The zoo currently has a dinosaur exhibit with several life size dinosaurs on display throughout the park.  These dinosaurs actually move a little bit and make sounds.
Benjamin checking out one of the dinosaurs.  Um, he wasn't too sure about it.

Here is what Caleb thought of the life-like dinosaurs...
...clearly not a fan.

The boys had the most fun riding the train.

And then we had a furry little friend join us for lunch.
This squirrel had absolutely no fear.  He (or she) came right up to the table and practically begged for food.  So I gave it a piece of bread from my sandwich.  He (or she) loved it and quickly came back for more.  Who knew that squirrels like homemade whole wheat bread, it must be the bits of pecans I bake into the bread that enticed this squirrel.  He (or she) just kept begging so I kept feeding him (or her).
I think this silly squirrel was my favorite part of the entire day!

My sweet Benjamin was exhausted by the time we were done.  He was literally falling over asleep in the wagon.  Isn't that face just gorgeous? Sweet boy.

All-in-all, a good day at the zoo.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ketchup Blogging

So I'm doing some Ketchup ("Catch-up") Blogging.  Hehe, get it?  Clever right?  I wish I could say that I'm so witty that I thought of this on my own but I actually saw another mom do it on her blog.  I thought it was a cute way to say "Hey, I'm a little behind on my blogging so I'm playing ketchup!"  And this happens to be the ketchup I buy in case you are interested.  Anywho, let's get to the good stuff.

A couple of weeks ago Caleb saw a commercial for an airplane show in our area.  He immediately said that he wanted to go.  This surprised me because he knew that the airplanes would be very loud but he wanted to go anyway (although he made sure we took his headphones with us).
So, last weekend we took the boys to the Air Power Expo which was on a local military reserve base so it was all military planes and helicopters.  The boys were so excited and I kinda was too.
There were dozens and dozens of planes out for the public to see.  This was the first plane we saw when we came in the gate.  It was HUGE.

Caleb had so much fun.  He was all over the place looking at the planes.  There were so many to look at that he didn't know which way to go.
Hey, who is that with Caleb?  Oh wait, that's me!  I actually made it into a picture!  It's a miracle!
Caleb almost had a fit (the good kind) over this car.  He loves NASCAR and was so excited to see one up close. (his excitement is not represented well in this photo-but I promise the boy was excited)
Caleb got to see the cockpit of a plane.  And he got to talk to a couple of pilots.  It was after this picture that Glenn started thinking about joining the Air Force.  I told him that he was too old.
This is "Fat Albert".  It wasn't easy to get pictures of the planes as they were flying...they are kinda fast. 
The Blue Angels.  
Oh my, these planes are so fast that you had no idea they were anywhere near you until they were flying over your head!  They totally sneak up on you.  These were Caleb's favorite.
Watching the Blue Angels.  Notice all the dirt on his hands and arms, from his wheelchair.  It's amazing how dirty those wheels can get and therefore how dirty his hands and arms get as well.
(No, we did not get any compensation from Dasani Bottled water for advertising their product in this picture)

So you are probably wondering "Where is Benjamin"??  He was there, chillin' in the stroller for most of the day.
He seemed to enjoy the air show as well.  He is still talking about the planes and the "smoke" that came out of them.  Both boys (mom and dad too) had a great time at the air show.

Finally, here are a few pictures from Caleb's baseball game this morning.
Father and son.
Love this picture.  
Love that the rock Caleb is sitting on has "Miracle Makers" etched into it.
MeMe came to watch Caleb play today. 
No idea what he is doing here.

And the best picture of the morning...
This is the reaction you get when you try to get Benjamin to sit on a rock for a nice "brotherly" photo.  I guess he wasn't feeling very "brotherly".  And look at Caleb's face, he's thinking "What is wrong with this kid?  Why do mom and dad insist on trying to get him in pictures?"
Hope you enjoyed ketching up with us!  :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Woo Hoo! New Kitchen Floors!

We have been working on a home improvement project in recent weeks.  We've lived in this house over 7 years now and I wanted new kitchen floors the day we moved in.  I hated the linoleum from day one.  We talked about getting new kitchen floors many times over the years but things kids, other expenses, and just life in general. Other home improvements took priority over my need want for new kitchen floors.

It's not that I have anything against linoleum in general, I just hated mine.  The shine was gone from the floor so it was impossible to keep clean.  It had scratches and cuts all over it.  Well, I finally wore Glenn down and he agreed that we should get new floors!

So we went to the local home improvement store and picked out our new floors...and then we saw how much installation costs...yikes!!  The installation was almost as much as the flooring itself!  So, Glenn decided that he would do the floor himself.  He would be our installer.  I was a little concerned about it but we did tile both of our bathrooms on our own so I figured we could do this too.

Here is our new floor.
The boys had too much fun climbing all over the boxes.
We bought the floor on a Friday afternoon and I thought: "Woo-Hoo, I'm going to have a new floor by Sunday afternoon!"
Um, I was wrong.  Not that easy.

The floors before....
Caleb helping Daddy pull off the trim.  Those headphones really came in handy during this whole process.  All the drilling, sawing, and hammering would have been hard on Caleb without those headphones.

The first planks of the new floor going in.
This project really proved to be a big job for Glenn.  I quickly learned that I was absolutely no help. I didn't have the strength to hammer the boards in place.  Glenn did it all.
Some final touches.

The floors after...

Glenn did an outstanding job.  Poor guy, he did not anticipate how difficult it would be or how long it would take (3- almost 4 weekends).  He ran into so many issues and road blocks.  I heard him say on more than one occasion: "If this doesn't work, I'm going to cry."

Would professional installation have been faster?  
Would they have done a better job.  
Highly unlikely.  
Glenn was absolutely meticulous with everything he did.  The floors are perfect.
I think if he had it to do all over again, he would still install them himself. 
He's so proud of the shiny new floors.
Of course now he is so protective of the new floors, he doesn't want a single scratch on them at all.  I think he would prefer it if no one ever walks on the new floors.
We should just sit and stare at them.  Like a museum or something.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well it has been a busy few days for the McLelland family.  Lots and lots of pictures are coming your way!

Our church had a candlelight service on Christmas Eve.  Caleb and Benjamin went into the service with Glenn and I which made things very interesting.  Caleb did great, thanks to the noise reducing ear muffs I bought him (picture coming) but Benjamin was another story.  I guess a 2 year old isn't much interested in sitting still and listening to a sermon on the birth of Christ.  I feel sorry for the poor family sitting in front of us, hopefully Christmas Eve wasn't their first visit to our church...they may never come back because of our crazy kid!  I finally took Benjamin out of the service and into the hallway.
Here's Benjamin checking out one of the Christmas trees at church.  Seriously, how cute does he look?  And so grown up in that sweater!!

Here are the noise reducing ear muffs....
 I've mentioned before that Caleb is very sensitive to loud noises due to hydrocephalus.  And while he has gotten better as he has gotten older, there are still some situations where the noise is just too much for him.  I bought these Peltor ear muffs recently and Caleb gave them a test run at the Christmas Eve service, which was quite noisy.  The ear muffs worked GREAT!!  They really help to reduce the sound, making it much more tolerable for Caleb.  Just maybe I can take the kid to a movie now!!

Now on to Christmas morning...
Benjamin didn't really know what was going on.  I think having a birthday so close to Christmas kinda makes opening more presents seem like old news.  He mostly just wanted to eat breakfast!  After a couple of pancakes and some eggs he was ready to play with his new toys!

Caleb on the other hand, was quite ready to open gifts!
 I bought several Halloween costumes on clearance and they made for great gifts.  One of the things in Caleb's stocking was a mini etch-a-sketch.  The kid LOVES it!

This was the BIG gift, complete with a red bow!
When Caleb walked outside and saw it, he said "It's a JEEP!!"  So cute.  Benjamin keeps calling it a "hummer".
Of course it was in the 20's Christmas morning so Glenn and I were absolutely FREEZING.  The boys didn't seem to mind though.

Benjamin sat in the Jeep with Caleb until he started to drive, then he wanted "out".  I guess he didn't like Caleb's driving.  Benjamin and Caleb also got some Lightning McQueen slippers.

Look at that smile!  So happy driving his new Jeep.  Seeing that big grin makes the 2 hours it took putting the thing together well worth it.  Well Glenn was the one that spent 2 hours assembling the Jeep...I just put on all the stickers :).
Hopefully Benjamin will decide it's safe to ride with Caleb and I can get some pics of him sitting next to his "bubba".

Christmas afternoon we went to see Gammy, Grandpa Al, and Aunt Rachel.
There are no pictures of Benjamin opening gifts, I think he was just over the whole present thing.
Caleb got a really nice art set, with tons of crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, etc.  He loves it.  Caleb colors daily so the art set was a perfect gift.

And he (we) got this....
 Caleb's favorite thing to do at their house is play Mario Kart, so he (we) now has his (our) own Wii, complete with Mario Kart.

 And today the boys had another Christmas with Grandma and Bill.  
 Benjamin got another Thomas the Train set.  The boy officially has enough trains to keep him busy for a good while!  He loves it!

 Grandma and Bill knew that Caleb was getting a Wii from Gammy and Grandpa Al so they picked him up a couple of games.

 Caleb wanted to try the Monster truck game first.  He loves crashing into things so this is the perfect game for him.  He would crash the monster truck into trash cans and just belly laugh about it.  He was cracking himself up! Too funny.

 Benjamin playing with his new train set.

So, all-in-all the boys made out like bandits this Christmas...and they haven't even had their Christmas with Grandpa Joel yet!!  Good grief, what am I going to do with all these toys?  We may have to add onto the house to make room.

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas as well.
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