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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"How does Caleb....?"

Welcome to installment two of a new blog post series that I like to call: "How does Caleb....?" The first video I shared last week was a huge hit and many of you have already made requests for things that you want to see Caleb doing. Today I'm sharing a video of Caleb getting in and out of the bathtub. This was a HUGE deal for us. Putting Caleb in and taking Caleb out (especially when he is all wet and slippery) of the bathtub was hard. He's heavy. Not to mention he is getting older and he needs to be able to do these things on his own. So, we figured out a way that he could do it on his own. Here's how he does it (don't worry he is fully clothed in the video). :)

It took a lot of practice for him to be able to do this. It was not easy at first. We've had that green cube chair for years and have used it for many things. It makes a great transition seat for Caleb when he is getting into the bath and he also uses it to help pull himself out.

Here is a link to see these chairs on Amazon. You can flip it different way to get different heights. We use it all the time. 

Independence with the bathtub has been so great. It has truly saved my back!  I hope this video is helpful to some of you. Several of you have asked to see how Caleb gets in and out of the car. I'll work on that one soon. Feel free to leave other suggestions if there is something else you want to see. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Caleb walking

It has been almost a year since Caleb's tethered cord surgery, almost a year since I have seen him walk. Thanks to the knee immobilizers, he is walking. Just a little bit at a time, but he is able to walk.

I know many of you saw this on facebook already but for those of you that haven't....

I think I am more excited than he is. He told me today that "walking is boring". I guess it is boring to him because I've just had him walk around the living room with no purpose. Plus walking is slow and it is hard work. Hopefully he'll feel encouraged as his legs get stronger and his endurance increases. I'm just thrilled to see him upright. I don't think I realized how tall he was until I couple of days ago. He has definitely grown in the last year.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Progress Indeed

Standing yesterday...taking STEPS today!

I have no words right now. I just can't believe it. This kid has been holding out on me or something!

Wow, just wow.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Driveway Daredevil

Ever since we took Caleb to the "Life Rolls On: We will skate again" event, he has been begging Glenn and I to let him race down the driveway in his wheelchair.  Yesterday afternoon Caleb got his wish.

I don't think he is having any fun at all.  What do you think?

He would race down our driveway at about 53 miles an hour, zoom across the street into the neighbor's driveway, turn around and come back up our driveway.  Repeat.  Over and over.

Caleb would purposefully throw all of his weight backwards onto the wheelie bars causing them to scrape across the concrete.  Terrified me every time.

It was tough getting back up the driveway.  Especially after a dozen times.

Thankfully little brothers can lend a push when needed.

Benjamin would race down the driveway with his bubba, sometimes getting too close to Caleb which would make Caleb veer sharply, causing this momma to have a heart attack.  One time Benjamin fell and scraped his knee.  I asked him what happened and his reply: "I fell off my skateboard."  Now the boy didn't actually have a physical skateboard but the one in his imagination was real enough.  :)

Caleb definitely gave me quite a few scares yesterday.  I had multiple heart attacks and my stomach dropped to my knees on more than one occasion.  I had to keep telling myself to let him be a boy.  And he had fun.  A lot of fun.

A quick video

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sled Hockey!!

We had a rare opportunity to expose Caleb to sled hockey yesterday.  The DFW Sled hockey team was sponsoring a kind of "open house" so that people of all ages could try sled hockey.  I was so excited about Caleb being able to do this. He has never been on ice before and I knew that he would absolutely love it.
There was a team practicing when we first got there.  The boys had fun watching but were anxious to get on the ice themselves.
We saw Cash while we were there.  Caleb and Cash were the youngest of the bunch.  It wasn't easy to find equipment small enough for these little dudes.  It took forever to get Caleb all suited up and strapped into the sled.  He was beginning to think he was never going to make it to the ice.
On the ice for the first time. 
 He did really great considering it was his very first time.  It takes quite a bit of coordination and balance to get moving on these sleds.  He topple over a few times but he was all padded up so no injuries to report.  Glenn was on the ice with him the whole time, and it is a miracle that daddy didn't fall.
Our friend Justin was there too.  He was so great with Caleb, stayed with him the whole time.  And even took Benjamin, who was begging to get on the ice, for a ride.
Benjamin had a blast!  
Taking a break to shovel huge handfuls of cheerios into his face.
Everyone was so nice and patient.  These guys don't have to take the time to do things like this so I really appreciate that they offered this event.  Caleb had so much fun and there were some tears when it was time to clear the ice.  He did not want to leave.  Hopefully he will have another opportunity to do sled hockey again.

Here is a short video of Caleb and Benjamin on the ice.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Caleb is SIX!!

I know most of you probably saw this on Facebook but I thought I would post it here too.  Just a quick video for your viewing pleasure....

Create your own video slideshow at

I sure do love that kid.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steadfast Progress

Caleb and I were eating lunch alone together today while Benjamin was napping, I can't remember exactly what we were talking about but Caleb made the comment: "I can't walk".
And he didn't say it with sadness, he just said it very matter of fact.  So, of course I jump in and say "Of course you can walk honey, you walk all the time."  Caleb clarified that he meant he couldn't walk without his walker.  And he's right.  He can't walk without his walker.  I've noticed a real longing in him to just walk, like everyone else.  He has said several times recently: "I just want to walk by myself" (again, not in sadness, just matter of fact).  But he can't.  He needs his walker.  I felt the need to immediately show him how far he has come.  I pulled up a video of him when he was barely 2 years old and had just gotten his first pair of HKAFO's and was taking steps for the very first time.

 I really wanted him to see how hard walking was for him and how much slower he used to be.

Two years ago Caleb "graduated" out of his HKAFO's and got AFO's.  I wanted him to see how unsteady he was when he first got those AFO's.

And I wanted him to see the progress he made in just a short time.  (This video was taking 3 months after Caleb first got his AFO's.)

And here is Caleb walking a year after getting AFO's.

And finally a more recent video of Caleb running to first base!


I don't know if Caleb truly realizes how far he has come.  I know that even I forget the long road he has traveled.  I needed to see these videos today.  I needed to see how much he has progressed.  I needed to see how strong he has gotten.  It's easy to focus on the things he still can't do but the truth is that there are so many things that he is doing now that he wasn't doing a year ago.  It is constant progress.  Steadfast.  Is it as fast as I would like, or even as fast as he would like?  No.  But it's progress.

Today was physical therapy at the playground and Caleb DID NOT want to go.  And I almost let him out of it.  I almost said: "Okay, we will skip the playground today."  But I didn't.  We went, even though he didn't want to.  And he did great.  He is faster and more confident every single time.  I doubted myself earlier in the day for making him go and tackle that playground but then I saw these videos and I'm reminded that this journey he is on isn't easy.  He has to work hard, even when he doesn't want to.

I've been trying to get him to use his forearm crutches too.
He is so not ready to walk with these crutches.  He wants to.  But there is no way, he just isn't ready...yet.  I've been trying to get him to just stand and balance with the crutches.  It is so hard for him, and it seems like there is now way he will ever be able to walk with these but there was a time when he struggled to walk with his HKAFO's but he got stronger and he did walk.  And he struggled to walk with his AFO's, but he got stronger and he does walk (and even runs sometimes).  So we will practice with the crutches.
He will get stronger.
Everyday is progress.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pool and Playground

So it is already super hot here in Texas.  H.O.T.  Really hot.  And it's only June, which means this is just the beginning.  To help us beat the heat this summer I decided to get a pool.
Clearly nothing fancy but the boys love it and it's roomy enough that I can get in as well.
Benjamin likes standing under the sprinkler "water feature".
Caleb loves the pool but doesn't care too much for Benjamin splashing.  He was using this octopus pool toy to protect himself from Benjamin's splashes.

My sweet boys having fun together.

Last week I mentioned that my summer mission is to help Caleb learn to navigate the playground equipment at his school.  We met Ms. Vickie for PT at the playground today and I took a bit of video.  I wanted to be able to see his progress as the summer goes along.  Sometimes I don't realize how far he has come and how strong he is until I watch a video of him from a year ago and then I can really see his progress.
(it was really windy today so sorry about all the wind noise)

He really has to work hard and Ms. Vickie does not go easy on him.  She is really trying to teach him the safest way to climb the equipment but he wants to hurry and just do it.  I was feeling pretty discouraged watching him last week but he did really well today.  I hate that he has to work so hard to do something that should be so simple, but it is what it is.  The truth is that climbing this play equipment wouldn't have even been possible for him this time last year.  I'm going to take video of him "tackling" this playground as the summer goes on.
The hard work of climbing the equipment is worth it once he gets to the slide!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

I love adaptive sports!

Today we took Caleb (and Benjamin) to the Turning Point Extravaganza.  It is an event held every summer and it features a variety of adaptive sports.  I always like taking Caleb to these types of events because it really shows him all of the things that are possible for him.  There are a ton of sports and activities that are available to him.  And Caleb seems to really enjoy seeing other people that are using wheelchairs.  Several times today he said "Look at all these people in wheelchairs!"  He loved it.
He wanted to do hand cycling first.  This cycle is different than the one Caleb just got through Athletes Helping Athletes.  He drove this one around the parking lot a couple of times.  I'll show you Caleb's new cycle at the end of this post (most of you have probably already seen it on Facebook).
After hand cycling, Caleb (and Benjamin) gave disc golf a try.  Neither one of them did very well.  Benjamin opted to just cheat and put his Frisbee directly into the goal.
Caleb nervously watching someone going down the zipline.  We tried so hard to get Caleb to do the zipline because I think he would really like it but he wanted no part of it.  We just couldn't convince him...maybe next year.
They had a large tank set up with a bunch of catfish in it.  Caleb had a lot of fun fishing.
He loved catching fish, and he actually caught several. But I guess it isn't terribly hard to catch a fish when they are confined to a small area.
Benjamin enjoyed watching Bubba fish and he was even brave enough to touch one.  I kinda thought the catfish tank was a bit mean, it didn't seem right that these poor catfish just kept getting caught and thrown back over and over again.  But I'm a bit of a softy so I'm probably the only one that was bothered.
They had some RC cars too.  Caleb chose the monster truck...of course.
Next was wheelchair tennis.  I think this is so cool.  Caleb had a lot of fun with this and the volunteers were so patient with him.  I just love that all of these different sports are available.

Both boys were begging to ride the pontoon boat so we headed there next.
While we waited for the boat, Benjamin found some dirt to play in.  Of course.

Okay these next pictures have me in tears because I am laughing so hard.  I have never seen anything so funny.
"Um mom, I can't really breath in this life jacket."
"Um mom, now I'm falling over."
"Um mom, I appreciate you making the life jacket lose but I'm not sure this is any better."

And finally....drum roll please....Caleb got his hand cycle this week!! 
It didn't quite fit him at first, it needed several adjustments in order to make it "fit" Caleb.  Well I had no idea where to start so Justin offered to come over and help us fit the cycle for Caleb.  Remember that Justin custom builds hand cycles and we had originally wanted him to make a cycle for Caleb but when we got the grant through Athletes Helping Athletes we couldn't use Justin anymore.  Anyway, Justin was kind enough to offer to help us with Caleb's cycle.  Great guy.
Once the cycle was adjusted we let Caleb take it for a test drive.
 Caleb actually did very well.  This hand cycle is so cool.  Caleb got going fast enough that Glenn was having to run to keep up.  I think it will take getting used to but Caleb will get the hang of this thing is no time.
I'm super excited about this opportunity for Caleb.  He loves his new bike.  What a blessing to him and to us.  A couple of kids in the neighborhood saw Caleb on his bike and they were begging to try it!  They said Caleb's bike was way cooler than theirs!  Too funny.

Here is a short video of Caleb's first test drive.

Yay for adaptive sports!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Baseball

 Caleb started the Spring Season of baseball through the Miracle League yesterday.  He was so excited about starting up with baseball again.

Caleb's team, The Pirates, started in the outfield.  The games are very relaxed, non-competitive.  The purpose  is to allow kids that wouldn't otherwise be able to, the opportunity to play baseball.  Something so simple brings all of these kids so much joy for an hour each Saturday.

Caleb up at bat.
Caleb did great!  He used his walker the entire game.  Last fall he was only able to use his walker about half of the game before his legs were tired and he wanted his chair.  I really saw how his endurance has increased in recent months.  I was amazed.

Caleb's friend Ethan is on his team this year.

Benjamin was kept busy by Gammy and Grandpa Al, or rather Gammy and Grandpa Al were kept busy by Benjamin.  It was nice having them at the game to entertain Benjamin so that I could watch Caleb play.

I know many of you saw this video on Facebook but just in case some of you missed it, I thought I would post it here.  This is a quick video of Caleb RUNNING to first base yesterday.  Not only has his endurance increased but so has his speed!

So proud of that little booger.
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