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Friday, October 19, 2012

Wheelchair Tennis

Last weekend I attended a local SB education day. One of the sessions I went to was about adaptive sports and the importance of staying active. I consider Caleb to be a pretty active kid and I want to make sure he stays active as he gets older. So, I'm always looking for new sports and activities he can try. The moderator of the session was the coach for the UTA Movin' Mavs, which is a college wheelchair basketball team. I asked him about wheelchair tennis because Caleb has expressed interest in the sport since trying it at a couple of adaptive sports events. He mentioned that some of his Movin' Mavs players also play wheelchair tennis during the week and maybe Caleb could join them. Within 2 days I had emails from a couple of the athletes offering to help Caleb with wheelchair tennis. How cool is that? So, last night Caleb got the opportunity to visit a college campus and learn the basics of wheelchair tennis.

Caleb was so excited about this. He was pretty much counting down the days until he could play tennis. The first words out of his mouth when he woke up that morning were: "Today is wheelchair tennis day!"

I am so touched by these students who took the time to meet with Caleb.

We learned quickly that the racket was a bit too big and heavy for 7 year old hands.
He had to use 2 hands to swing.

Caleb did great. He must have swung that racket a hundred times.

Trying to bounce the ball on the racket.

Caleb had so much fun. I'm so thankful for the opportunity. On the way home, he told me that he had been nervous about playing tennis. At first I thought that was strange given how excited he was about playing. Then it occurred to me that he is a 7 year old who was meeting new people, at a new place, trying something new. Of course he was a bit nervous. I would be nervous too. I am so proud of him for rolling onto that court and working so hard even though he was nervous. There was a time when I don't think he would have had the confidence to do that. 

Benjamin had fun too. He tried to climb the fence like a monkey. He's my little monkey.

Today I bought the boys their own tennis rackets. I figured Caleb needed a racket so he could continue to practice...and if Bubba is getting one, so is Benjamin :)

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