Friday, January 11, 2013

Recent happenings

Things have been pretty quiet around here this past week. The boys started back at school so it has been an adjustment getting back into the routine after 2 weeks off. Caleb was excited to be going back to school...Benjamin, not so much. Benjamin just doesn't like being separated from me and school (even though it is only for 5 hours, two days a week) means separation from mommy.

Caleb had an exciting event happen yesterday before school. He lost tooth #7!


I'll go ahead and give a quick Caleb update. It's been over 10 months since his tethered cord surgery. April 3rd will be one year. I can't believe it's been almost a year since the surgery. In some ways the time has gone by so quickly, even though the progress has been so slow. Yesterday he came home from school, crawled over to his walker, managed to get to standing, and he tried to walk. He took about 2 steps before his knees just buckled and he fell to the floor. I hate that he wants to walk, but his body just won't let him. And he has worked so hard the past 10 months. Physical therapy 3 times a week folks, the boy works hard. More than being a hard worker, he is a trooper. He takes it all in stride. He keeps smiling even when he is struggling. He amazes me. After watching him fall yesterday when trying to walk, I decided that he needs higher bracing. His hips are so strong, maybe the strongest I have ever seen, but those knees just need more support. I know he could walk with KAFO's. So after discussing it with his therapist, we both agreed that KAFO's would be a good idea. It doesn't mean that we give up on him getting back to where he was prior to the surgery. I don't know if he'll ever get back the function he had. I just want to give him the option of walking. Right now that isn't an option. So, I'm waiting to hear back from ortho to get an appointment scheduled. Hopefully we can get him fitted for some KAFO's within the next few weeks, and get my boy walking again.

And just because he's cute, here are a couple of pictures I took of Benjamin today. We were doing a bit of shopping at "Hobby Lobby" and he was being a bit silly.
I love that he still likes to ride in the cart even though he is getting too big for it.

Love this kid.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Year In Review

I thought it would be fun to do a quick (yeah right!) summary of the past year. 

The year started with some fantastic family photos. Seriously, just gorgeous.

We took Caleb to his first wheelchair basketball practice...he was instantly hooked.

(This was a busy month, a lot happened during this time.)
We took a trip to San Antonio.

Benjamin said "good bye" to his burp cloth.

And we learned that Caleb's spinal cord was tethered and surgery was scheduled.

(That pretty much consumed April)

Caleb got to meet Wheelz. Very cool.

And I had a "mommy tantrum".

It was the summer of crafting at our house!

It was also the summer of the Slip'n Slide!

I ended the month with some Deja Vu

I went to the SB Conference. It was amazing! These women are amazing!

We got ready for the Olympics.

Caleb turned 7....I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that!

Caleb started 1st grade.

With your help we raised $1335 for the SBANT!

Benjamin got up close and personal with a fire truck.

Benjamin started preschool, just 2 days a week.

(an exceptionally crazy month)

The month started off with a "Rough Few Days"...and that's putting it lightly.

Benjamin photo shoot at the park.

We celebrated a Shuntiversary.

Caleb had his first basketball tournament.

Our ADVENTure began.

A lesson in "Sibling Love"?

My baby turned 4. Unbearable to believe he is already 4.

I think that about sums up our year, well the highlights anyway. Thanks for sharing this journey with us!

A Prayer-Filled Purpose for Christmas Cards

When I had the genius idea to do the SB Christmas Card Exchange, I had already decided that I wouldn't just toss all those cards received after the holidays were over. My SB family is, just I knew I wanted to keep the cards. I stumbled across this idea of creating a "book" as a way of keeping all the cards together. So, I made my own (using the template located on the link above).

So cute right?
(click the link above to download)

I had another idea. I wanted to pick a Christmas card at random and then pray specifically for that person/family for a week. I received about 57 cards this year so I'll pick a card (randomly) each week for the rest of the year, I'll have to double up a few times since I have more than 52 cards. I thought this was such a great idea and it turns out I'm not the only smart person in the world because a couple of days ago I read this post. This family started using their Christmas cards as a way to have purposeful prayer for a specific person/family. I know that prayer is something I struggle with. I don't always take the time to specifically pray for others. And I'm not likely to pray for someone or their family unless I know a specific need they have. By choosing a new card each week I'll have the opportunity to pray for a family just because. Once I draw a new card at the beginning of each week, I'll probably let the person/family know that I'll be praying for them all week and to let me know if they have any specific prayer requests. I'm really excited about doing this. I wanted a good location for the card so I would be reminded several times a day to pray. So I made this:

It's just a simple frame I made using scrapbook paper, ribbon and some letters I already had. I put magnets on the back to I can stick it to the fridge. Every week I'll put the Christmas card in the frame. Let's face it, I go to the fridge about 63 times a day so there will be a lot of opportunity for me to pray. I just love this idea. I'm excited to see what develops by doing this.

I encourage all of you reading this to do the same thing. Who's with me?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our ADVENTure Wrap-up!

I thought I would do a quick wrap-up of all the Advent activities we did this year.

Day 1: Put up Christmas Decorations

Day 11: Wrap gifts

Day 13: Light 'Em Up! Activity, make "Thank you" signs for the trash collectors

 Day 15: Granny and Paw-Paw's for Christmas

 Day 17: Light 'Em Up! Activity, leave a sweat treat for mail carrier

Day 18: Watch "Charlie Brown Christmas

Day 20: Watch "I want a dog for Christmas Charlie Brown"

Day 21: Birthday Doughnuts for Benjamin's 4th birthday!

Day 23: Pizza night

Day 24: Open Christmas Eve gift bag

Day 25: Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas!!
(Surprisingly I have few photos of Christmas Day. It was so busy that I just barely took out my camera! I do have a few photos on my phone so I'll try to get around to posting some of those.)

I mentioned at the beginning of the month that the boys (mostly Caleb) would be doing the "Truth in the Tinsel" activities for our Jesse Tree. I was cautiously optimistic about this endeavor. I wasn't convinced that we would be able to get all 24 ornaments done for our tree. BUT WE DID!! I'm so excited that we were able to do them all. Caleb did most of them, with Benjamin joining us for a few. It was a lot of fun.

And one of my most favorite things this season was the SB Christmas Card exchange. When I came up with this idea in November, I wasn't sure how many families would be interested in participating. We had 72 families sign up to do the exchange (I suspect it will be even more next year). I was blessed almost daily with 2, 3, and sometimes 6 Christmas cards from my SB family. It was such a treat. I think I got about 40 cards in the mail.

I ran out of room!

I've got a plan to create a "2012 SB Christmas Card Exchange" book. That way I can keep these wonderful cards organized. They were such a blessing to our family. I can't wait to do it again next year! A BIG  "Thank  You" to everyone that participated.

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